Microsoft is actively working with the world’s leading automotive companies and suppliers to deliver innovative technologies and services to customers who drive, to move towards a world where connected cars will be taking over the roads.

And the tech giant has just announced a new patent licensing agreement with Toyota Corp. that includes broad coverage for connected car technologies by Microsoft such as Wi-Fi, voice recognition software, and operating systems. The agreement builds on Toyota and Microsoft’s strong partnership, which includes their collaboration on the Azure-based Toyota Big Data Center, which is Microsoft’s cloud platform for the auto industry.

According to Erich Andersen, corporate vice president and chief IP counsel of Microsoft’s Intellectual Property Group, Microsoft invests US$11.4 billion annually in research and development, and has been developing innovative technologies for more than 30 years to power today’s connected car experiences. This partnership will enable both establishments to “innovate faster to deliver new, contextual and immersive experiences to customers.”

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