Smart watches are taking our world by storm, and are slowing becoming a device of convenience in the lives of many. Huawei is one of the big names that understands this, and has recently introduced its Watch 2 series at the MWC 2017, using its latest research result and developments.The Huawei Watch 2 inherits the classic design of its predecessor, the Huawei Watch, while incorporating new innovations in every category to better empower users’ spirit of exploration and help them enjoy an active lifestyle.

This stylish classical wristwatch brings to your hand the connectivity of a smartphone, the smarter living applications of a premium smartwatch and the detailed performance coaching and tracking of a leading sports tracking device. So if you should feel like taking a break away from your phone and embark on a jog or cycling, while staying connected to the digital world, this watch will be a perfect fit.

Fitness: Huawei Watch 2 is a high specification fitness device, fitted with multiple sensors that work based on advanced algorithms to gather comprehensive data on user activity, and provide suitable fitness solutions and make working out more efficient and effective.

For example, a simple click on the crown of the watch opens up the workout App to start training in an instant. Quick start running modes offers monitoring of speed and heart rate, giving runners real time guidance and notifications on distance, target completion status and racing heart warning. After a valid run, the watch automatically generates a report that advises on recovery time and training effects.

Other supporting elements include the built in GPS that tracks your exercise route. You can even make your run enjoyable with your favourite song choices, thanks to the Google Play™ Music app.

Healthy Lifestyle: the Daily Tracking App accurately tracks users’ daily steps, record time taken for medium to high intensity exercises, and detect the number of times you stand up after long sedentary periods. Continuous heart rate monitoring tracks your heart rate in the background and reports your heart rate of the last six hours. It also measures your Resting Heart Rate, which is recorded in the activity monitor app.

Smart and Flexible Mobile Connectivity: Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 processor, the Huawei Watch 2 (4G supported version) has independent connectivity and a built-in GPS chip, allowing users to send messages, make calls independently to mobile phone, and use independent apps like Uber and Foursquare.

It also features compatibility for the latest smart living applications. Featuring support for cellular networks and running on the new Android Wear™ 2.0 ensures connectivity for both Android™ and iOS users.

The Huawei Watch 2 offers VoLTE support and dual-mic noise elimination, ensuring a stable and clear telephone experience. The integration of the antennae on the upper watch case for dual 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC in the device significantly strengthens connectivity, allowing the Huawei Watch 2 to stay compact while ensuring a good signal reception.

Besides the SIM version working with mobile network carriers worldwide, the Huawei Watch 2 also provides an eSIM version (available to limited countries). What’s more, some carriers feature a one-number-multi-SIM service. Therefore, the watch and your mobile phone can share the same number, eliminating the need to get another number.

With the Huawei Watch 2, users will get to experience living each day the smart way, controlling their physical and online activities with just one hand.

Price and Availability: The Huawei Watch 2 is expected to be priced at €329 (Approximately SGD495.98) and will be available in more than 20 countries and regions.

Launching in March – Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, China.

Launching in April – US, UK, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, The Nordics, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, India, South Africa, Poland, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE

Launching in May – Malaysia

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