It is evident from the online forum pages that users have found it cumbersome to manage the scheduling of updates on Windows 10. Imagine preparing a document for an important presentation the next day, and the screen suddenly switches to another screen, prompting for a thorough update. I myself have been going through this for the past year and a half.

These unexpected visits from the Windows 10 update installers do take quite a lot of time. Even if you put in your active hours to schedule the updates to take place in the inactive hours, it is sometimes hard to predict when you need to use your laptop when you need to burn the midnight oil sometimes to complete your assignments.

Thankfully, Microsoft has heard us, realising that it is not practical to have an operating system to have the deciding power over when updates would be installed. Now, users will be able to tweak the settings according to their preferred timing. This means we can say ‘Goodbye’ to those disruptive reboots.

Users can now control the scheduling of their Windows 10 updates with ease. Image Credit: Microsoft

To explain in detail about the changes that have been implemented in the Windows 10 updates, here is a post (please click the headline below) from Microsoft’s spokespersons; Mr Michael Fortin, the CVP of Windows and Devices Group Core Quality, and Mr John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery.

Providing customers with more choice and control in the Creators Update

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