Ever thought of bringing your mobile phone videos to a bigger screen, right in the comforts of your own living room or work space? Imagine this: You’re rejoicing at your picture-perfect dinner party with your family or guests. Throw in some groovy tunes, lip-smacking canapés, and beam some of those amazing videos you filmed during your recent overseas trip, onto your kitchen wall. Yes that’s right, I said wall. Or any suitable surface for that matter.

The interactive Xperia Touch is the latest toy by Sony that brings any flat surface to life, transforming it into a 23” HD touchscreen, with either a horizontal or vertical ultra short-throw projection.


The interface is fast, fluid and responsive to physical touch – it’s built using Sony’s SXRD projection display technology, and touch is made possible through a combination of Infrared light and real-time detection via its built-in camera, at a rate of 60 frames-per-second. So expect a smooth delivery in flashing your current game of the day, streaming the latest episode of your favourite TV series, or buzzing your buddies on Facebook or instant messaging apps.

This android-run projector can be brought around and used in any environment that has a generously wide surface for you to share your content with people. This allows for a more collective experience. So passing your phone down the line for your folks to view that YouTube video that caught your attention, will be a thing of the past.

Besides, if you wish to put on your favourite video marathon on your home-alone days in a theatre-like setting, the Xperia Touch makes that a possibility too as it is designed for use in both brightly lit and dark conditions.

Gamers will be very pleased to know that the Xperia Touch is compatible with the PlayStation® 4 Remote Play1, providing players the accessibility to game over the internet with the projector if the TV (connected to your console) is in use.

Also, the Xperia Touch will allow virtually ANY app or game from the Google Play Store to give users an interactive and enjoyable experience, elevating the standards of mobile app capabilities. The unique projection, touch capability and sensor architecture will provide developers with an entirely new platform on which to build and create their applications.

The Xperia Touch also provides:

– real-time weather information

– a memo board for doodles or video notes

– calendar access

– Skype™ portal for video chat with colleagues or loved ones

(Click here for Key Specs)

The Xperia Touch will make its entrance in Spring 2017, in Europe via selected retailers and the Xperia Store Online in selected countries. Well fret not as the availability of this gem in more locations will surely be updated by Sony (and then Tech Coffee House) in due course. But with a price tag of €14993 (approximately SGD2228.80), it will be wise to start adding some of your dollars and cents into your “Xperia Touch Fund 2017” box right now.

Those who adore innovative video gadgets will definitely find this projector attractive. It may be on the costly side, but the Xperia Touch is one that bring us towards a future – where intelligent audiovisual projection technologies would rule.

Image credits: Sony


1 Single player only – no local multiplayer

2 Application and game performance may vary and/or have limited functionality if leveraging gyroscopic sensing and/or movement, designed for portable devices

3 Pricing and availability may vary by market

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