We have seen how Virtual Reality (VR) changed the way we play video games but to use it to overcome our fear? This is what Samsung is trying to achieve in their campaign called #BeFearless that aims to help millennials overcome fears through the use of the Samsung’s Gear VR technology and the #BeFearless app.

Ten shortlisted participants underwent three weeks of simulation training using the Gear VR technology. They were given scenarios related to their fears such as Acrophobia and Glossophobia to help them acclimatise to what was awaiting them at the finale event yesterday.

Held at the Focus Adventure, the participants with Acrophobia had to jump off a 24-metre high-element obstacle course; and participants with Glossophobia had to present a speech in front of an audience, which included their family members and friends. Two out of the 10 participants will get to represent Singapore at the global finale of the Samsung’s #BeFearless campaign in New York next month.

Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore, Mr Eugene Goh,  said that

“We are so proud to see our #BeFearless participants realise their potential today with the help of Samsung’s Gear VR technology,” said Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore. “We are inspired to provide opportunities that use our technology and expertise to help millennials take on different challenges.”

The participants were assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Participants’ performance;
  • Improvement based on the #BeFearless app scoring;
  • Mentor assessment; and
  • Training attendance.

After yesterday’s event, the two finalists were announced. They are 29-year old Ong Chin Leng and 32-year old Garcia Reamy Hilario.

“The #BeFearless campaign has taught me first-hand how technology can truly be an enabler and make a positive impact in people’s lives, as it has for me,” said Chin Leng. “I cannot wait to immerse myself in more exciting experiences and live life to the fullest now that I am not held back from my fear of heights!”

“The whole #BeFearless experience has been a great learning journey for me. Samsung’s VR technology helped me to confront my fear of public speaking in a non-intimidating environment, and at my own pace,” said Garcia Reamy. “Thanks to Samsung and the guidance from #BeFearless mentor, I have unleashed my potential today and am ready to embrace my fear in real life!

About the #BeFearless App

#BeFearless is a program that is part of Samsung’s Launching People campaign, designed to help consumers unleash their potential and create meaningful change through the use of Samsung technology. The campaign launched in 2013 and Be Fearless is an element of the 2016 initiatives of the Launching People campaign. Participants from eleven countries including Singapore, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and UAE are taking part in #BeFearless.

To view highlights and the finalists’ progress throughout the #BeFearless campaign, please visit the #BeFearless official site at

Writer’s note

I was there to observe the event. But without first-hand experience going through the #BeFearless programme, I’m still little sceptical about its effectiveness. I will try to ask Samsung for a test set and try it out ourselves. Hopefully, they will agree to that and we can know for sure and recommend it to our readers.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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