Mi Band 2 does not work on people with dark skin

mi band.PNG

Image credit: Xiaomi

The Lunar New Year is not giving Chinese company, Xiaomi, the luck it needs. First, they lost Hugo Barra to Facebook and now their fitness tracker, Mi Band 2 is under fire.

Mi Band is one of the proud products of Xiaomi. If you have not heard of the Mi Band, it is a basic fitness tracker that can record your heart rate, save your fitness records and track your sleeping patterns (and more).

While the Mi Band is still relatively unknown to the masses of Singapore, its younger brother is getting more and more attention around the globe for the wrong reason. There are reports saying that the Mi Band 2 is not able to accurately sense the heart rate of black users unless it is placed on the lighter part of their skin.

This issue dates all the way back to August last year and Xiaomi is still working on resolving the issue.

So if you are of a dark skin type, don’t buy this first even though it costs cheaper than any of the fitness trackers out there. 😉


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