You see it on the specifications of televisions, computers and even on the camera of your phone. So what does frame rate refer to and does it matter?

If you do a search on Google, the definition of frame rate is this:

frame rate.PNG

What does this actually mean?

Imagine you are at 10 frame rate per second (fps). You will look like how our videos use to buffer but better because you are moving, at an extremely laggy rate. It almost looks like you are limping from one place to another.

Now, if you are at 144 fps, you will feel like you have been reborn. The 144 fps is commonly found in gaming monitors. Content displayed on the screen will be very smooth.


Anything that is less than 30 fps for your monitors is going to piss you off every time you play your game, especially DOTA. Wait, are people still playing this game?

What about videos?

Filming is a little different. You do not need a 144 fps camera to help you capture smooth video. If you are filming The Flash, then it is a completely different story. I don’t think 144 fps will be sufficient in that case too.

Anyway, for videography, 30 fps should be good enough to do vlogging or to capture your friend’s hysterical moment. If you want to capture fast-moving scenes a basketball match or a skateboard stunt, you should use 60 fps.

So does fps matter? Hell yeah!

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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