NETS has unveiled its new merchant solutions, aimed at transforming business operations for small enterprises. The offering includes an Integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal solution, QR ordering, and self-service payment options, primarily targeting the food & beverage, hair & beauty, and retail sectors.

The Integrated POS solution, a standout feature, allows merchants to efficiently manage their entire store from a single terminal, eliminating the need for multiple devices from different vendors. Over 100 merchants participated in the successful pilot phase this year.

Key features of the NETS Integrated POS Solution include cloud-powered operations, supporting instant updates for menu items and promotions. It accepts a wide array of payment methods including NETS bank cards, credit cards, and various QR payment apps. Additionally, the solution goes beyond payments, handling tasks like sales tracking, inventory management, and sales commission calculations.

Lawrence Chan, Group CEO of NETS, emphasized the importance of such integrated solutions in a competitive market, stating, “Integrating solutions alongside payments enables micro business owners to operate efficiently through automation or self-service solutions, resulting in shorter waiting time for customers.”

In the retail sector, the solution seamlessly integrates inventory management with payment processing on a handheld terminal. This enables real-time updates across multiple outlets, both online and offline, streamlining operations for staff.

For hair & beauty salons, the system provides a comprehensive tool for appointment booking, staff rostering, package sales, and inventory management, simplifying what could be an overwhelming process.

In the food & beverage industry, the Integrated POS consolidates ordering and payment processes into a single handheld terminal, allowing waitstaff to efficiently serve customers during peak hours without leaving their tables. Table-side QR ordering and self-service kiosks are also available options.

NETS Merchant Solutions is developed in partnership with Lunchbox Pte Ltd and Singapore Data Hub Pte Ltd.

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