Singapore’s StarHub has collaborated with U2opia Mobile to introduce Instant Play games on GameHub+, a move aimed at simplifying gaming for casual players. These easy-to-access games require no account creation or app downloads and are available to both StarHub and non-StarHub subscribers. In addition to cloud gaming, this expansion seeks to attract a wider audience with short, accessible mobile games, offering enjoyable experiences. StarHub’s network ensures a smooth gaming experience, and upcoming plans include new gaming partnerships and features like leaderboards and prize redemptions.

StarHub has announced a partnership with U2opia Mobile, a Singapore-based mobile technology company, to bring Instant Play games to GameHub+.

Instant Play Games for Everyone

Instant Play games are designed to make gaming effortless for casual players. Users can start playing instantly by visiting, eliminating the need for account creation or app downloads. These games are accessible to both StarHub and non-StarHub subscribers.

Expanding GameHub+ with Casual Gaming

StarHub, in addition to its cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW Powered by StarHub, is extending GameHub+ to include Instant Play games. These mobile games are short and easy to play, catering to users looking for a quick gaming fix. StarHub is the exclusive operator in Singapore partnering with U2opia Mobile, offering access to approximately 60 games under U2opia’s Mojo Gaming brand, spanning various genres.

Quality Gaming Experience

StarHub ensures a top-notch gaming experience with its network, recognized by Opensignal in multiple network performance categories, including Games Experience. Instant Play games are optimized for mobile web browsers, ensuring smooth gameplay on mobile devices, whether connected to StarHub 5G or Wi-Fi.

Exciting Future Plans

StarHub has ambitious plans for its GameHub+ Instant Play customers, including new partnerships with gaming companies and upcoming features like leaderboards and prize redemptions. Players can compete and win enticing prizes as they climb the leaderboards.

Statements from Leadership

Aletheia Y.P., Vice President, New Business and Digital Brand at StarHub, expressed enthusiasm for offering a seamless gaming experience, highlighting the convenience of playing games directly from mobile web browsers without the need for app downloads.

“After establishing a foothold in the cloud gaming market with ourGeForce NOW launch in April 2021, we identified an exciting opportunity within the casual mobile gaming segment.We understand the appeal of easy-to-play games, and how enjoyable they are to help pass the time. WithInstant Play, we are offering the most seamless gaming experience possible, by enabling users to play games straight from their mobile web browsers, eliminating the need for app downloads,” said Aletheia Y.P., Vice President, New Business and Digital Brand, StarHub. “We are thrilled to partner with U2opia, a fellow homegrown company, allowing our customers to enjoy the best casual free games and create truly delightful moments.”

Sumesh Menon, CEO of U2opia Mobile, expressed excitement about the partnership and commitment to providing an engaging Instant Play experience to Singapore’s mobile users.

“We are excited to partner with StarHub GameHub+ to provide a free and engaging Instant Play experience to every Singapore mobile user. U2opia is committed to working closely with the StarHub team to continue innovating for a wider casual gaming audience,” said Sumesh Menon, CEO, U2opia Mobile.

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