Budget Direct Insurance, a leading online insurer specializing in car, motorcycle, and travel insurance, has launched an exciting challenge aimed at transforming how local motorists perceive car insurance. In a bold move, Budget Direct Insurance encourages drivers to request a comprehensive car insurance quote from them and then compare it with their current insurer’s renewal notice. If Budget Direct Insurance confirms that their quote is more affordable, not only will motorists save money, but they will also receive free* insurance coverage from Budget Direct.

By participating in the “Pay Less or Pay Nothing” challenge, customers have the opportunity to secure reduced premiums for their insurance needs or walk away with complimentary* insurance coverage.

Key Highlights of the Promotion:

  • Significant Savings: Budget Direct Insurance’s CEO, Simon Birch, emphasized the potential savings for customers. Drivers with Budget Direct Insurance can save up to 55% on car insurance premiums, a substantial amount. An independent study by consumer researchers, ValueChampion, has confirmed that Budget Direct Insurance consistently offers better deals compared to other insurers, even after factoring in promotions.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Budget Direct Insurance has been awarded the prestigious Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award for delivering exceptional customer experiences. This award is presented to companies that consistently go above and beyond in providing outstanding customer service.

Simon Birch stated, “This challenge is an exciting opportunity for drivers to secure insurance that fits their budget. With our competitive pricing and unwavering service, the challenge is on!”

As part of an international group serving millions of policyholders worldwide, Budget Direct Insurance sets itself apart with its commitment to top-tier digital insurance services.

Join the Challenge: Singaporean motorists are encouraged to participate in the challenge and experience why Budget Direct Insurance is the premier choice for smart and savvy drivers seeking unbeatable value and exceptional service.

Budget Direct Insurance launches trailblazing promotion: Pay Less or Pay Nothing*. If drivers beat their price, they’ll receive complimentary* car insurance.
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