OCBC has recently introduced a new security feature that prevents users from logging onto their Internet banking and OCBC Digital app on their phone if it detects potentially risky apps downloaded from unofficial portals. This new security feature has resulted in negative feedback from some users.

OCBC clarified that only Android apps with risky permission settings that could put a user’s mobile phone under the threat of malware will be flagged by the bank’s new security feature. Not all apps from unofficial platforms will be flagged by its latest security update. The bank said the security measure was implemented to safeguard customers from malware and alert them to these apps that could expose their devices to scammers.

Some users have complained that popular apps such as Douyin, Alipay, and LG’s smart appliance control app are among those flagged by OCBC’s security feature. The bank has advised users to reinstall them from the official app stores to access their banking services.

According to a statement from Mr. Beaver Chua, head of anti-fraud at OCBC group financial crime compliance, the new security feature will only block apps that are not downloaded from official app stores and which also have risky permission settings that could cause the phone and mobile banking apps to be compromised. He added that other sideloaded apps that do not have the risky permission settings will not be affected.

This move by OCBC is aimed at protecting its customers from potential threats and ensuring the safety of their banking transactions. While some users may find it inconvenient, it is important to prioritize the security of our personal and financial information.

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