Sevco Security, the leading cloud-native CAASM platform provider, has announced the addition of advanced vulnerability hunting capabilities to its real-time IT & Security asset inventory solution. This enhancement allows organizations to gain comprehensive visibility across their entire enterprise and proactively assess vulnerabilities across different asset classes (devices, users, applications) to understand actual risk and exposure management directly within the cloud-native asset intelligence platform.

J.J. Guy, co-founder, and CEO of Sevco Security emphasized the need for a proactive approach to modern security, stating, “To adopt a proactive approach to modern security, we must go beyond simply depending on scanners and endpoint detection platforms to report vulnerabilities.” He added that it is time to use technology that enables organizations to identify and remediate vulnerable conditions.

Unlike traditional threat hunting, which often occurs after attackers have gained access to the environment, Sevco Security empowers enterprises to continuously discover and analyze all assets, identifying vulnerable conditions before attackers can exploit them. By aggregating, de-duplicating, and correlating asset data from multiple technology silos in real-time, the cloud-native platform ensures that vulnerabilities are addressed promptly and prioritized effectively.

The latest capabilities offered by Sevco Security simplify the process of identifying software vulnerabilities by providing additional context surrounding affected assets, including existing mitigating controls or any lack thereof. By detecting complex vulnerabilities that are impossible to spot with traditional tools, Sevco Security enables security teams to proactively prioritize response efforts, thereby delivering broader, continuous visibility across the entire security landscape and uncovering security risk vulnerabilities faster.

Sevco’s recent enhancements build upon the first-of-its-kind vulnerability hunting capabilities unveiled in June, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to helping enterprises take a proactive approach to exposure management, while optimizing resources and reducing dwell time.

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