Singapore-based Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), ONESECURE, has announced its collaboration with CyberArk, a leading identity security company, to provide organizations across Singapore and the ASEAN region with the CyberArk Identity Security Platform. The partnership aims to enhance cybersecurity measures and protect customers from identity-based attacks, which have become a significant concern for organizations.

In today’s threat landscape, safeguarding against the compromise of human and machine credentials that grant access to critical data and assets has become a top priority for every organization. ONESECURE’s new service offering, built on CyberArk’s advanced technology, seeks to make specialized cybersecurity services and solutions more accessible, addressing this critical need for organizations in the region.

ONESECURE’s team of highly skilled cybersecurity analysts will work round the clock to manage and monitor privileged sessions in real-time, auditing activities, tracking compliance, and providing real-time updates, including patching. By entrusting software management tasks to ONESECURE, companies can focus on other responsibilities, such as training and onboarding cybersecurity staff, further strengthening their organizational defenses against cyberattacks.

“Identity-related breaches have become one of the most common threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape,” says Edmund How, Founder of ONESECURE. “Compromising identities remains the most effective way for attackers to circumvent cyber defenses and access sensitive data and assets. Through our collaboration with CyberArk, ONESECURE will offer both the expertise and technology to help companies adapt these solutions to their existing businesses.”

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The importance of securing identities has grown significantly due to business transformation driven by digital and cloud initiatives, resulting in a surge in new enterprise identities. CyberArk’s unified platform applies intelligent privilege controls to both human and machine identities, enabling businesses to secure access to any resource and progress in their Zero Trust journey.

Lim Teck Wee, Area Vice President, ASEAN, CyberArk, emphasizes the benefits of CyberArk’s platform: “With ONESECURE, we will bring these benefits to a greater breadth of organizations in Singapore and the ASEAN region.”

CyberArk is a global leader in identity security and serves over 8,000 customers worldwide, including a strong presence in Singapore. ONESECURE, founded in 2008, has evolved into a leading MSSP, providing advisory and technological services to businesses across Asia.

Through the partnership between ONESECURE and CyberArk, organizations in Singapore and the ASEAN region will gain access to cutting-edge identity security solutions and expert cybersecurity guidance, reinforcing their defense against identity-based attacks in an increasingly digital world.

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