Tencent Cloud and Allo Bank Join Forces to Revolutionize Digital Banking in Indonesia

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business arm of global tech giant Tencent, has announced a strategic collaboration with Allo Bank, Indonesia’s largest digital banking platform. This partnership aims to revolutionize digital banking services in the country and cater to the needs of the growing tech-savvy young adult population.

Since 2021, Tencent Cloud has demonstrated its dedication to Indonesia’s business landscape by deploying two state-of-the-art Internet Data Centres (IDC) in the country. Leveraging its in-depth local market knowledge and years of experience, Tencent Cloud is now providing tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of Allo Bank.

Key among the benefits brought forth by Tencent Cloud is the enhancement of Allo Bank’s app with high-quality and secure services. One of the key components is TDSQL, a reliable and scalable database management system equipped with powerful computing and storage resources. This empowers Allo Bank to efficiently manage large volumes of data and process high transaction loads, crucial for meeting the needs of their rapidly expanding customer base.

TDSQL’s thread pool scheduling algorithms optimize heavy load performance, ensuring seamless handling of Allo Bank’s high volume of transactions. Moreover, the system boasts impressive availability and data reliability rates of up to 99.99% and 99.99999%, respectively, guaranteeing the security and accessibility of Allo Bank’s critical data at all times.

By integrating seamlessly with existing systems and applications through its compatibility with MySQL protocols, TDSQL streamlines operations and minimizes downtime for businesses like Allo Bank, fostering worry-free scalability and growth. With TDSQL’s high-performance computing and storage capabilities, Allo Bank now processes up to an impressive 100,000 daily transactions, effectively catering to Indonesians’ daily financial needs.

TDSQL also leverages public cloud capabilities like cloud hosting and CDN, helping Allo Bank reduce app download distribution costs, UAT & Dev Environment expenses, and providing robust app reinforcement and environment security protection solutions. This comprehensive approach detects and mitigates risks on the bank app side, fortifying online security.

Jimmy Chen, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International and Managing Director of South East Asia, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are pleased to enhance digital banking in Indonesia with cutting-edge technology such as TDSQL. Leveraging our years of global experience and expertise, Tencent Cloud is confident in providing Allo Bank with tailored solutions and services that fulfill its specific needs. We look forward to more collaborations in the future, including partnerships for additional solutions and services like eKYC.”

Indra Utoyo, President Director, and CEO of Allo Bank also conveyed his excitement about the collaboration, praising Tencent Cloud’s technology for helping Allo Bank manage vast amounts of data, handle high-frequency transactions, ensure online security, and manage risk control. He highlighted the bank’s commitment to providing a revolutionary service to all digital banking users in Indonesia and projected a fruitful future with Tencent Cloud as they plan to leverage more of their high-quality and highly reliable technology.

The efficacy of Tencent Cloud’s technology played a significant role in Allo Bank’s seamless scaling of operations and remarkable business growth, contributing to the acquisition of six million users since its launch. As a testament to the high quality and reliability of Tencent Cloud’s technology, Allo Bank’s digital banking application stands as the most downloaded in Indonesia, solidifying their position as leaders in the digital banking space.

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