Rubrik Partners with Microsoft to Enhance Cyber Resilience with AI-Powered Security Integration

One Identity Offers Free Security Risk Assessment to SolarWinds Customers and Free Safeguard for Proactive Privilege Defense

In a move to bolster cyber resilience and combat the rising tide of sophisticated cyber threats, Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security™ Company, has joined forces with tech giant Microsoft to integrate Rubrik Security Cloud with Microsoft Sentinel and Azure OpenAI Service. The collaboration will leverage generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accelerate cyber recovery and provide actionable insights for incident response teams.

The integration is aimed at addressing the challenges faced by IT and security leaders, as highlighted in Rubrik Zero Labs’ State of Data Security report. Shockingly, only 56% of IT and security leaders reported having developed or reviewed an incident response plan in 2022, leaving many organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. Additionally, Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and incident response teams are overwhelmed with a deluge of thousands of alerts daily, leading to delays in prioritizing responses.

The Rubrik-Microsoft collaboration aims to transform how SOC teams respond to cyber events. By employing AI and NLP, the integration will significantly reduce the time required to investigate and determine appropriate responses to cyber incidents. This will be achieved through the platform’s capability to automatically create a recommended task workstream in Microsoft Sentinel, guided by large language models and generative AI provided by OpenAI.

Charlie Bell, Executive Vice President of Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management at Microsoft, emphasized the necessity of leveraging AI to counter the increasingly inventive tactics employed by cybercriminals. The collaboration with Rubrik is envisioned to empower organizations to react faster to incidents and identify and stop attacks more swiftly than ever before.

The Rubrik-Microsoft integration offers numerous benefits for security and IT teams, including:

  1. Streamlined Incident Creation: SOC teams can now prioritize alerts more efficiently as the platform automatically creates incidents in Microsoft Sentinel based on anomalous activity detected within Rubrik Security Cloud.
  2. Automated Recommended Task Workstream: The integration will suggest incident response tasks, enabling IT and security teams to accelerate their investigation process while preserving crucial evidence for forensic purposes.
  3. Accelerated Cyber Recovery: IT and security teams can dynamically generate code for investigating incidents in Microsoft Sentinel, enabling rapid reactions to maintain business resiliency.

Bipul Sinha, CEO and Co-founder of Rubrik, recognized the importance of leveraging generative AI to comprehend and defend against cyberattacks that transcend human comprehension. This collaboration is an essential step forward in Rubrik’s mission to secure the world’s data and help businesses achieve cyber resilience.

The recent announcement comes as a continuation of the strategic relationship between Rubrik and Microsoft. In October 2022, Rubrik initially integrated with Microsoft Sentinel, building upon Microsoft’s equity investment in Rubrik in August 2021.

One Identity Offers Free Security Risk Assessment to SolarWinds Customers and Free Safeguard for Proactive Privilege Defense
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