In an era of constant connectivity and on-the-go lifestyles, M1, Singapore’s leading telecommunications provider, is revolutionizing the travel experience with its ultra-fast 5G roaming plans. By extending its services to 17 countries, including popular destinations like Australia, Canada, South Korea, and the USA, M1 is ensuring that its customers stay connected wherever they go.

Whether you’re a jet-setting business executive or an adventure-seeking globetrotter, M1’s 5G roaming opens up a world of possibilities. Customers on M1’s Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract, Bespoke SIM-only, and Bespoke Family plans, with an active 5Go Access subscription, can now enjoy the benefits of 5G connectivity in these 17 countries. What’s more, M1 has plans to expand its offering to include even more destinations in the coming months, further enhancing the travel experience for its customers.

With M1’s 5G roaming, staying connected with loved ones, conducting seamless business meetings on-the-go, and enjoying uninterrupted gaming experiences are no longer a luxury but a standard part of the travel experience. The introduction of 5G technology brings forth a plethora of advantages, including clear and high-quality video communication, low-latency gaming, and hassle-free navigation through various apps and services. Slow connections and limited bandwidth are now a thing of the past.

One of the key highlights of M1’s 5G roaming plans is the affordability and value they offer. For just SGD2.03 (including tax), customers can access the 5Go Add-on, providing the best value in town. Bespoke SIM-only customers are also in for a treat, as they receive six months of free access to True 5G, while Bespoke Flexi and Handset customers can enjoy an entire year of complimentary True 5G access. M1’s commitment to offering competitive prices and exceptional value demonstrates its dedication to providing the best possible experience for its customers.

As a frontrunner in Singapore’s 5G development, M1 continues to make significant strides to complete the True 5G experience for customers, both abroad and at home. By constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology, M1 is poised to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape, ensuring that its customers have access to seamless and uninterrupted connectivity wherever they may be.

With M1’s ultra-fast 5G roaming plans, the days of struggling with slow connections and limited bandwidth while traveling are over. Embrace the future of connectivity and elevate your travel experience with M1’s groundbreaking 5G technology. Stay connected, stay empowered, and unlock a world of possibilities with M1, the pioneer of 5G roaming in Singapore.

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