Singapore is set to witness the world’s first outdoor 5G-enabled Extended Reality (XR) experience with “The Battle of Fort Siloso: A 5G-enabled XR Experience Proof-of-Concept (POC).” The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC), and Government Technology Agency (GovTech) have collaborated to develop this heritage-themed experience, which aims to transport guests into a fictional World War Two battle at the historic fort through immersive storytelling, virtual imagery, and gamification.

Utilizing the combined capabilities of XR technology and 5G connectivity on Sentosa Island, visitors will be able to engage with immersive audio and visuals, as well as participate in the defense of the fort through gaming. This innovative trial experience will be available for registration to members of the Sentosa Islander program from June 2 to June 24, 2023. The feedback received during the trial will enable SDC to identify areas for further enhancement and potential deployment, depending on technology maturity and commercial interest.

“The Battle of Fort Siloso: A 5G-enabled XR Experience POC” is part of the 5G@Sentosa testbed, a collaboration between the public and private sectors led by GovTech, SDC, and Singtel. The testbed, which will run until mid-August, aims to accelerate the adoption of 5G connectivity in the public sector before the nationwide 5G rollout in 2025. It enables various agencies to explore and test cases that improve operational effectiveness and deliver citizen-centric services.

Sentosa Island has already been the site of numerous 5G trials, leveraging the low latency, high speed, and broad bandwidth of 5G technology in industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Since the launch of the program in October 2021, over ten agencies have undertaken a total of 30 trials on the island. Some of these trials have resulted in the commercialization of 5G use-cases under the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) 5G Innovation Programme. Notable examples include Asia-Pacific’s first 5G mobile edge computing for mixed reality and holomedicine capabilities in health tech with the National University Health System, as well as 5G-enabled mixed reality for construction with Gammon.

Mr. Wong Ming Fai, Chief Technology Officer of the Singapore Tourism Board, expressed excitement about the partnership with GovTech and SDC, stating, “STB’s Tcube1 has been working closely with Singtel and their vendors over the past few months to develop this new 5G-enabled XR experience that pushes the boundaries of technology. We hope this will encourage tourism companies to embrace innovation and create unique and memorable experiences for visitors.”

Mr. Michael Ma, Assistant Chief Executive of SDC, emphasized the significance of exploring immersive technologies and the opportunity to enhance tourism offerings on Sentosa Island. He stated, “Such a trial is a key step in our journey to evaluate unique opportunities to enhance tourism offerings on Sentosa as we gear up for the recovery of international arrivals, minimizing extensive physical infrastructure on preserved heritage sites such as Fort Siloso.”

Mr. Kok Ping Soon, Chief Executive of GovTech, highlighted the achievements of the 5G@Sentosa testbed in demonstrating the potential of 5G technology to public agencies. He expressed enthusiasm for the XR trial at Fort Siloso, which will provide visitors to Sentosa with an exciting and immersive experience. Furthermore, the insights gained from the 5G@Sentosa initiative will assist GovTech in supporting the technical requirements of agencies seeking to adopt 5G for mainland operations in collaboration with IMDA.

With the upcoming trial of the world’s first outdoor 5G-enabled XR experience at Fort Siloso, Singapore continues to solidify its position as a leader in technological innovation and immersive tourism experiences. The collaboration between STB, SDC, and GovTech exemplifies the country’s commitment to harnessing the potential of emerging technologies to enhance the visitor experience and drive future growth in the tourism sector.

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