Singapore-based multi-family office Whampoa Group has appointed Sherwin Koh and Tim Tan as co-heads to oversee public market investments at Whampoa Digital, the firm’s recently created division. Koh, a self-taught software engineer and accountant, was an early miner of Ethereum and Monero during his university days, and invested in the initial coin offerings of many successful companies, including Gnosis, Decentraland and Polygon. Tan has been trading digital assets since 2017, and is well-versed in DeFi protocols/applications, lending, and yield strategies.

Shawn Chan, CEO of Whampoa Group, said the appointments will help Whampoa Digital capitalise on opportunities in public markets to complement its investments in the private equity space. Koh believes that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) could drive the next digital assets wave in public markets.

“DeFi has created innovative products that offer passive income opportunities to investors and provide liquidity to the digital assets market. While Bitcoin remains the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, Ethereum has been gaining ground,” Koh said.

Despite macroeconomic and regulatory headwinds, Tan believes digital assets are here to stay. “The bedrock of the digital assets industry, Bitcoin and Ethereum, remain resilient in their established roles. We think Ethereum has a very bright future in the long-term due to its strong community and continuing development and upgrades to its network, and this reflects in how we have chosen to position our fund’s portfolio for the long run,” Tan said.

Whampoa Group was co-founded by Amy Lee, head of her family investment firm, LKY Investments, and Lee Han Shih, Executive Director of the Lee Foundation.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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