DJI has launched its latest handheld gimbal device for mobile called OSMO Mobile 6. So, what’s new this time around?

Honestly, not much, and it looks like innovation has more or less stabilised for handheld gimbals. Whatever the previous generation i.e., OSMO Mobile 5 had, the latest has most of them too e.g.,

  • 3-Axis Stabilisation;
  • Portable and Foldable;
  • Active Track 5.0 (previously 4.0); and
  • Built-In Extension Rod.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, these features on the OSMO Mobile 6 are probably the more refined versions of the past. I will let you decide.

Side Wheel

That said, if there is one thing that intrigued me this time around, it is the side wheel. It replaces the usual W and T buttons. For general knowledge, W stands for Wide, meaning zoom out and T stands for Telephoto, meaning zoom in.

You can use it to adjust focal length, zoom in and out, and quickly switch to manual focus with just a press of the button for a more cinematic control. 

Now, if you think that you can use this to create a Vertigo Effect a.k.a Hitchcock effect, it doesn’t because I tried. You are better off using the Dynamic Zoom feature in its DJI Mimo app to create that effect for a smoother transition.

Who is the DJI OSMO Mobile 6 for?

You might be thinking who needs a gimbal when cameras are now moving towards in-device stabilisation? If you are thinking about that, it is probably not you.

I think the OSMO Mobile 6 is geared towards real content creators who walk around vlogging, doing TikTok videos, etc.

Not only can they benefit from the hardware, their real gem, which is the software, can also help to elevate their creativity. Not to mention, their easy-to-use in-app editor as well.

Is it worth the upgrade?

If you are coming from OSMO Mobile 5, I do not think that it is worth upgrading to the latest OSMO Mobile 6. But if you are coming in fresh or from an even earlier version, I think it is worth getting it.

The DJI OSMO Mobile 6 retails for SGD239. It comes with a magnetic clamp, tripod, charging cable and a storage pouch.

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