OPPO has officially launched the OPPO Band 2, a new generation of the OPPO Band. Equipped with an ultra-clear large screen, the OPPO Band 2 features colourful watch faces, a two-colour strap design, and a full range of upgraded professional sleep, workout, and health functionalities. The trendy wearable product aims to offer users a high-quality, healthy, and smart experience.

Ultra-clear, large screen & cool, stylish design

Designed for the young, the OPPO Band 2 has a 1.57-inch ultra-clear large screen with a pixel density of 302 PPI, a screen-to-body ratio that is 47% higher than the previous generations, and an over 74% larger display area – all to make interactions simpler and easier. The screen brightness is up to 500 nits, ensuring a clear display even in strong outdoor light.

The OPPO Band 2 not only provides a clear visual experience with a large screen, but also an appealing two-colour strap design and various watch faces, including AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0, custom watch face widgets, pattern watch faces, and other personalised watch faces. Users can also easily customise their own watch face in line with their unique style. Weighing about 33 g, the OPPO Band 2 is lightweight and fits one’s wrist comfortably.

Professional workout modes and OSleep for a healthy lifestyle

For more professional and accurate workout and health data monitoring, the OPPO Band 2 comes with a built-in high-precision 6-axis motion sensor as well as heart rate and blood oxygen sensors. With its powerful hardware, a new tennis mode is now available, which can recognise various tennis strokes and record five types of data: strokes, racket swings, activity duration, heart rate, and calories burned.

The OPPO Band 2 also offers upgraded running functionality, with heart rate monitoring during running, cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) assessment, running speed suggestions, and 13 running courses. The professional data monitoring and attentive suggestions will help users run safely and efficiently. Moreover, the OPPO Band 2 supports up to 100 workout modes and auto-detection of four modes: walking, running, elliptical machine, and rowing machine, making workouts safer and more efficient.

The OPPO Band 2 also helps users sleep better with the OSleep all-scenario sleep tracking. Before bedtime, one can set a sleep schedule, and the band will activate Sleep mode on the linked phone to get a user ready for sleep. While one is asleep, the band will monitor sleeping, wakeup, sleep duration, sleep phases (deep sleep and light sleep), rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and blood oxygen level, as well as assess snoring risks. Upon waking up, users can check their sleep quality and snoring reports to better understand their sleep. Other health features of the OPPO Band 2 include all-day heart rate monitoring, real-time stress monitoring and warning, sleep report, and water drinking reminders, to help one stay healthy.

On-the-go smart life assistant on your wrist

The OPPO Band 2 is also a smart life assistant, letting users set bedtime alarms, check the weather, set timers, and much more – all from the wrist. It has a long battery life of 14 days and with its convenient magnetic fast charging, the OPPO Band 2 can run for a full day on a five-minute charge and be fully charged within an hour, offering users an uninterrupted smart experience.

With a cool, stylish look and excellent performance, the OPPO Band 2 is an ideal tech product and fashion accessory for the young. It will be on sale in Singapore from 23 September at a retail price of S$99. It will be available on OPPO’s AmazonLazadaQoo10Shopee and TikTokflagship stores, authorised retailers, and partner consumer electronic stores. 

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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