Ruhens Boost+, an upgraded version of the popular nano-direct tankless hot and cold water purifier, now comes with new and improved features. The new features include more sophisticated filter indicators, self-changing filters and contactless dispensing. It also comes with eco-saving mode.

Available in two colours, white and black, it continues to be the quintessential water purifier in your home for clean, pure water for your every need. 

Ruhens Boost+ with Multi-Temperature Control for Convenience

The Ruhens Boost+ has been highly lauded by homemakers as an essential home product for its tankless, multi-temperature capabilities. Get hot, cold, room temperature or warm water at the touch of a button with the Ruhens Boost+, which offers four different precise temperature controls –at 4ºC, 20ºC, 85ºC and 95ºC –through a direct cooler and heating technology. These varying temperatures conveniently provides homeowners’ their needs for a variety of occasions:

  • 4ºC: Great for cold-brew iced-tea sachets, or to hydrate on a hot day
  • 20ºC: Great for hydration just below room temperature throughout the day
  • 85ºC: Easily sterilise any kitchen utensils, or prepare coffee and cup noodles
  • 95ºC: Quickly and easily bring water to a boil for all your cooking or cleaning needs

Contactless Design

Hands are dirty or wet? The new Ruhens Boost+ can dispense water without touch. Simply place your hand on the sensor, and water will be dispensed. Great for offices with shared spaces too, to minimise touch and spread of any viruses or bacteria.

Tankless and Compact 

As no additional tank is needed in the process of cooling and heating the water, the risk of bacteria building up is largely reduced, while allowing the water purifier to stay compact with this design. The slim profile of the Ruhens Boost+ makes it easy to place it on the countertop or table, fitting in seamlessly in every living space.

A Piece of Mind with Ruhens’ Filters

Enjoy a peace of mind with the Ruhens’ cutting-edge filtration system exclusively developed for the Ruhens’ water purifiers. The 4-Stage Filtration System eliminates pollutants but keeps the primary minerals to maintain a healthy balance. 

The Micro Carbon Filter eliminates harmful pollutants, such as iron, aluminium & mercury, pollutants greater than 5μm, while the Nanofact Plus Filter removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms, bacteria as well as viruses, lastly the Post Carbon Block Filter absorbs remaining harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor from feed water, and Ruhens offers an option to opt for Alkaline filter that changes the water into a mild alkaline water. These filters are also detachable for easy cleaning and replacement. The filter change indicator automatically reminds users when the filters need to be changed, thus keeping the filters optimised. Users can easily replace the filters on their own. 

Keeping It Clean 

The intelligent design of the Ruhens Boost+ packs many automated features within it for utmost convenience. Fret not about dispensing more than what is needed, as the quantity control feature dispenses precise amounts of 120ml, 550ml or 1500ml automatically. Keeping the Ruhens Boost+ clean and well-maintained has never been easier. What’s more, with a detachable hygiene guard that can be easily rinsed under the tap, any risk of contamination from dirt or dust particles from the surrounding air is also lowered.


Recognising many modern households’ emphasis on eco-friendliness and cost-savings, the Ruhens Boost+’s eco mode helps reduce power consumption by 30%. With Ruhens Boost+, enjoy clean, purified water that is better for the environment and consumers’ health.

The Ruhens Boost+ is priced at $1,599 (inclusive of 1 year worth of filters) and available for purchase at Ruhens Studios.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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