Most of us when we reach a certain stage in life, we will wish for a woman/man’s best friend. I’m not referring to a pet dog but something that can potentially save you time and backache cleaning your floor. That’s right! A robot vacuum cleaner and mop.

There are many out there in the market these days and the one that we have recently reviewed is the Roborock G10.

Who is Roborock?

Roborock is a technology company that specialises in manufacturing intelligent robot vacuum cleaner and mop. They have a wide range of products that cater to your varied needs. 

The Roborock G10 is its latest product that has four key features to woo the monies from your pocket. Well, about S$1,699. 

  1. Proprietary Auto Mop Washing
  2. Auto Self-Cleaning Dock
  3. Strong Suction and Sonic Mopping
  4. Customised Cleaning

Let me explain how each of it works first.

Proprietary Auto Mop Washing

Say you want the Roborock G10 to mop your floor. When starting, the dock automatically activates its mop washing system to wash the G10’s mop  to ensure that it is clean before starting work. When it returns, the dock also gives it a good wash before settling down. This repeats every time it starts and stops mopping.

If you cannot imagine the process, it is similar to how you would rinse your mop manually before continuing the mopping. According to Roborock, the cleaning module brushes the mop cloth at a speed of 600rpm to remove the dirt aggressively. This ensures the mop cloth is at its cleanest before making another round of mopping.

Auto Self-Cleaning Dock

Partnering with the proprietary auto mop washing feature, the Roborock G10 dock also cleans up dirt from the mop. The dirty water is stored in one of two containers in the dock. The other container that contains the clean water will then refill the G10 so that clean water is always used to mop your floor.

Strong Suction and Sonic Mopping

One of the major concerns these days is whether a vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to thoroughly clean common surfaces at home like carpet, thick mats and more. There are two ways you can increase the intensity of the suction. One is through your app and the other is to let the Roborock G10 roam and detect the surfaces, and apply the suction it deems fit. 

Customised Cleaning

As Roborock G10 vacuum and mop your floor, it scans the layout of your house. It can be viewed on your app. There are three layout formats that you can view – 2D, 3D and Matrix. These views give the Roborock G10 a greater appreciation of your house for better cleaning.

From left to right: 2D and 3D view

The 2D view is essentially a flat view of your house. Its uniqueness is that you can add various furniture like sofas, beds, tables. The 3D view is a dimension that lets you have a look at your house like in SIMS 4. You can see the erected walls and openings. The Matrix view adds texture to your area.

My Experience

Work has not been merciful in the last few months. When I reach home, I just want to rest. Sweeping and mopping the floor are the furthest chores that I want to do after a long day. Not to mention, weekends too. So, having a robot vacuum cleaner like the Roborock G10 makes a lot of sense.

Setting up

The setup of the app, the dock and the robot itself was a breeze. It just works as it should. No hassle of trying to figure out why this and that cannot be connected. The removing of the containers from the top of the dock was idiot-proof. You know which container is for what purpose and they even have a guide at the bottom of the dock cover to show you how.

Within minutes, your Roborock G10 is out and vacuuming. I like how it approaches obstacles gently. Some robot vacuum cleaners tend to bump hard on surfaces but not the G10. It slows down as it detects an obstacle ahead and avoids when needed.

Scanning and cleaning the house

The scanning of the house is very accurate and you can track your G10’s location to make sure that it is not stuck somewhere. It will get stuck if you bullishly have things like cables, mats lying around that do not have friction padding at the bottom. Speaking of mats, it automatically detects surfaces that require stronger suction. You know it because you will hear the increased intensity. It is not very loud per se but you will notice. If there are areas that you do not wish the G10 to enter, you can also indicate them on the app as no-go zones.

As advertised, the Roborock G10 does a real good job vacuuming and mopping. Likewise for its dock, be it washing the mop and storing the dirty water. Now the question is whether the mop is really cleaned. The answer is yes. From certain angle, it looks even cleaner than its original state.


Another thing I love about the Roborock G10 is the app. It has an easy to use interface and the scheduling feature is a godsend. You can set the day and time you want it to start working. There’s once I even forgotten that I have scheduled it to do some early morning vacuum and I jolted up wondering what’s outside my bedroom door.


The Roborock G10 is my perfect cleaning companion. My family is very impressed by its smartness and versatility. The older folks also found it amusing that it returns automatically to its dock after it has completed its job. In a way, the Roborock G10 didn’t just clean my floor, but it also offers some excitement at home.

Do I recommend it to you? I do not see a reason why not. There’s really nothing I could say that is bad about it. The disclaimer here is that I did not review this device as a tech person. But I reviewed it as a normal home owner, you. So I will recommend you to give it a try if you don’t have a robot vacuum cleaner/mop already.

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