Comments: Fullerton Health vendor’s server hacked; personal details of customers sold online

Comments by: Kamal Brar, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific and Japan at Rubrik

“It is important to remember that any organisation that falls victim to a cyberattack is just that, a victim. The truth is, there is no silver bullet to stop 100% of all cyber-attacks – some of the world’s largest businesses and government agencies have also been compromised and they would all have had the latest anti-malware and perimeter security solutions.

The challenge is that the fight against cyber attackers is asymmetric. An organisation needs to stop all attacks to be successful, while a hacker only needs one malicious email to be clicked to completely compromise an organisation.

With this in mind, organisations need to look beyond their perimeter defences and consider how quickly they can remediate and get their business back-up and running following an attack. The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team explains that businesses need to maintain backup copies of their database and files on a regular basis. They further advise that businesses regularly monitor and review administrator-level accounts and privileges for access and activities.”

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