Cargo Studio, a Singapore-based game incubator, has developed a platform for indie developers to build and ship games more easily. Earlier this year, the incubator has already helped turn two game ideas, Rumble Jungle and Aesir Defence, into market-ready game products. Both made-in-Singapore titles will debut next week at Gamescom Asia 2021.

Getting a game out to the market requires more than just game development skills. From conceptualisation to producing a beta version, developers will find that their small team does not always have the bandwidth or the expertise in certain specialised and crucial aspects of shipping the game. Cargo Studio’s incubation programme is designed to fill these gaps so that developers realise their dreams of putting the game into players’ hands. Cargo Studio empowers the incubatees by offering market research, data analytics, recruitment advice, development support, funding and many levels of support, including direct access to experienced mentors and publishers.

Cargo Studio was started in 2020 by a group of veteran game developers and entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in the games industry. Led by co-founders Mr. Samson Oh and Mr. Lau Wei Kit, Cargo Studio intends to provide passionate and inspired game developers a real chance at creating a lucrative mobile game and starting up a game studio. With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and investments in gaming and e-sports businesses in Europe and Southeast Asia, Managing Director Samson has established a strong network of local and international contacts who can share their knowledge with aspiring game developers. Likewise, Cargo Studio’s Director of Product Development Wei Kit is familiar with the games industry here and overseas, and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of running a games company. Once a game artist and designer with Appsverse in Silicon Valley, he is also the co-founder of games studio Dynamite Studio. 

Mr. Samson Oh, Managing Director of Cargo Studio, said: “Big game companies have been setting up studios in Singapore over the last two decades, generating more interest and creating jobs in the games industry. Institutions here have been designing courses on games development to meet the demand for professionals in this sector, with an estimated 1,800 trained graduates entering the market every year.     

“There is a lot of talent in Singapore, and through consolidating our resources and expertise, we hope to build an environment where game developers, whether working solo or in a team, can share and leverage on one another’s knowledge. We hope our incubation programme can create more success stories that can boost our games industry.”

Mr. Lau Wei Kit, Director of Product Development, said: “Project management, resource management, operations planning and monetisation design are some aspects of building a studio that are as important as the game itself. We’ve included this into our curriculum so that when anyone goes through our programme, they will be more acquainted with these processes and, after the incubation stage, will be more ready to manage their own set-up.”     

Season 1 incubatee Mr. Chew Wei Qiang, who was part of the team that created Rumble Jungle, said: “Working with mentors and colleagues from this industry has broadened our perspectives on developing a game product. We may not have had the chance to gain these insights if we were relying purely on self-research. Working in the kind of environment that Cargo Studio has provided cuts a lot of time lost in figuring out what is necessary to build a successful game.”

Season 2 of Cargo Studio’s incubation programme is already in session, featuring 25 incubatees from six teams. Game enthusiasts can look forward to mobile games and physical card games that are currently being developed by our incubatees. In the meantime, more information about Rumble Jungle and Aesir Defence can be found below.

Rumble Jungle

Set in a fast-paced battle arena and played among four competing characters, Rumble Jungle sees players fight to protect their zone and rule the Jungle. Each animal is armed with special skills to give players an advantage over their enemies in an arena with ever-changing maps and obstacles. With new challenges in every game, players will be kept on their toes as they battle to be the best animal paddler in the Jungle.

Aesir Defence

The best defence is a good defence. Aesir Defence will test players’ tactical skills as they join the Aesir Army to build and defend their towers against enemies in this strategic game. Power your towers with upgrades, and aim for a high score to see how you fare against other players in the world.

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