WatchGuard Provides Advanced Endpoint Security for Windows on Qualcomm Snapdragon PCs

WatchGuard Provides Advanced Endpoint Security for Windows on Qualcomm Snapdragon PCs

WatchGuard® Technologies, a global leader in network security and intelligence, multi-factor authentication (MFA), advanced endpoint protection, and secure Wi-Fi,  has announced that it’s releasing endpoint security for use on Windows-based 5G- and 4G LTE enabled PCs powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ compute platforms with its Panda Adaptive Defense 360 offering. WatchGuard and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. are working together to  enable sophisticated protection for data and devices from chip to cloud. Partners and customers can  access this offering by purchasing Snapdragon compute platform powered 5G devices and Adaptive Defense 360 from authorized distributors and applying licenses to such devices the same way they  have for PC and Mac devices previously. 

“The recent surge of cloud-enabled remote workforces has expanded the traditional network  perimeter and introduced many new security risks. At the same time, the global shortage of skilled  security professionals makes organizations more vulnerable to threat actors. These pressures  highlight the importance of adopting cloud-based security solutions with built-in endpoint security  features,” said Gianluca Busco Arré, vice president, global endpoints sales at WatchGuard. “Our  Panda Adaptive Defense 360 service brings automated threat prevention, detection, containment  and response to devices utilizing Snapdragon compute platforms, ensuring today’s workforces can  enjoy the premium performance, connectivity and security on industry-leading Windows-based  Snapdragon compute-enabled 5G PCs.” 

5G and 4G LTE PCs utilizing Snapdragon compute platforms enable always-on, always-connected  experiences designed to unleash productivity, efficiency, and connectivity for today’s mobile-first,  cloud-driven work environments. This always-on connectivity allows companies to fortify device  security to utilize 4G LTE and 5G cellular-connected PCs. WatchGuard on Windows based  Snapdragon devices delivers real-time visibility and advanced endpoint security to organizations that  need to protect 5G compute devices in today’s cloud-driven, distributed work environments. Panda  Adaptive Defense 360 on PCs powered by Snapdragon compute platforms offers several key  benefits, including: 

  • Zero-Trust Application Service – Leveraging machine learning and behavior-based  detection, this Panda Adaptive Defense 360 module classifies 100% of all running  processes, monitors endpoint activity, and proactively blocks malicious payloads. For each  execution, it sends out a real-time classification, certifying the legitimacy and safety of  running applications – a critical component of any zero-trust security model. The persistent  cellular connection to the cloud offered on PCs powered by Snapdragon compute platforms  allows channel partners and their customers to access real-time telemetry, monitor all  running processes across every device, and improve their threat prevention, detection, and  response capabilities while reducing operating costs per incident. 
  • Threat Hunting Service – This module uses an advanced set of profiling-analysis and  event-correlation tools managed directly by WatchGuard’s security analysts to proactively  discover new hacking and evasion techniques. These tools draw upon years of threat  research, a detailed registry of applications, user and device behaviors and alliances with  international organizations to anticipate, identify and block attacks. Now, with the reliable and  secure 5G and 4G LTE connections available on PCs powered by Snapdragon compute  platforms, channel partners and customers can further minimize detection and response timeframes. 
  • Always-Connected Device Security –The portfolio of devices utilizing Snapdragon  compute solutions seamlessly switches between 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi to enable always-on,  real-time monitoring, which significantly reduces exposure when devices are out of Wi-Fi  range or connected to risky public Wi-Fi networks. This persistent connection and protection  starts with a layered secure boot and leverages the benefits of the cloud as well as the  cutting-edge Qualcomm® AI Engine to help ensure real-time visibility and accelerated threat  detection and response from virtually anywhere. The device’s context-aware policies support  zero-trust environments that isolate incidents while they are happening and protect corporate  assets. 

“We believe that businesses today deserve PCs that unlock users’ productivity and efficiency, while  protecting corporate data and assets from the security risks present in current work environments,”  said Rami Husseini, Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “By enabling  OEMs to pair WatchGuard’s advanced endpoint security capabilities with the cutting-edge  experiences of 5G and 4G LTE cellular connectivity enabled by the Snapdragon compute platforms,  we’re redefining secure, work-from-anywhere computing.” 

The WatchGuard Endpoint Security Platform combines next-generation endpoint protection (EPP),  endpoint detection and response (EDR) (via Adaptive Defense 360), patch management, IT security  insights, email security, full encryption, and more, within one centralized management interface. Its  Endpoint Security API enables users to define protected and unprotected devices, isolate individual  endpoints, and more. It also allows partners to seamlessly manage multiple end customers,  licensing information, configurations and policies for 5G device security, reporting, integrations with  RMMs (remote management and monitoring) and PSAs (profession services automation) and more.  This helps them streamline security management processes, reduce operational costs, and focus  their staff on business development and growth. In most cases, WatchGuard partners can purchase 5G- and 4G LTE-enabled Snapdragon compute powered devices from the same distributors that already offer Adaptive Defense 360 licenses.  Partners interested in Panda Adaptive Defense 360 for Snapdragon compute-powered PCs should  reach out to their distributor and designated WatchGuard channel account manager today.

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