Comments: Ransomware disrupting a nation’s protein supply

Comments by: Andy Ng, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia South Region, Veritas Technologies

“Attacking first the oil sector and then the meat industry, it seems that the ransomware community is setting its eyes on disrupting the ability of ordinary people to access critical services and goods, posing a national security threat.These malicious cybercriminals are out to damage the most prominent and successful companies and raised questions about the true motivations behind their attacks: are they for profit or for pride? This puts businesses in jeopardy because if it’s not about exploiting companies for their money, then paying up isn’t necessarily going to get their data back.

Fortunately, for JBS, the company stated that their backups were unaffected, and we trust their systems will be up and running again soon. As they recover from the significant impact of the attack, I believe it is crucial for organisations to work towards forging strong partnerships with national governments to ensure that public infrastructure is secured with robust data protection and backup strategies in place to defend against cyber felons with ill intentions to unleash more disruptive and devastating attacks in the future.”

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