Neuron Mobility Announces Further International Expansion with E-scooter launch in Canada

Neuron Mobility Announces Further International Expansion with E-scooter launch in Canada

Singapore-headquartered Neuron Mobility, Australia and New Zealand’s leading rental electric scooter operator, has announced further international expansion as it launches into Canada, after winning a contract to operate in Ottawa, in the coming month. 

The arrival of Neuron’s distinctive orange e-scooters to Ottawa signals the first of a number of Canadian cities the company plans to launch in this year. It also builds on Neuron’s wider expansion drive. Over the last six months the company has launched in eight cities in Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South Korea. 

Neuron’s decision to enter the Canadian market was made after an increasing number of cities expressed their intention to trial e-scooters this year, and because most are taking a tender-based approach with the aim of selecting only the best e-scooter operators. Neuron’s experience with similar cities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, makes them well-suited to Canadian expansion. 

Neuron will be launching its safety-leading N3 e-scooters which are fitted with the world’s first app-controlled helmet lock. This electronically secures a safety helmet to every e-scooter, releasing it at the start of the trip so they are available to all riders. The e-scooter will also be fitted with bilingual voice guidance, in English and French, to educate users and help them ride and park safely. Both of these features will be important differentiators in Canada.

Having supported cities across Australia, New Zealand and the UK throughout multiple lockdowns the company has issued around 3,000 free monthly passes to those essential workers that must travel. Neuron will be launching in Ottawa with free monthly passes for all eligible Public Health and Emergency Services workers while the current Covid-19 restrictions are in place. 

Zachary Wang, CEO of Neuron Mobility said: “We’re delighted to launch in Ottawa. This year, more than ever before, Canadian cities are realising the benefits of e-scooters, and we think we are well-placed to meet their needs. We’re a company that specialises in partnering with cities while also focusing on safety, so this presents a great opportunity for us and we are due to announce more cities very soon.”

He continued: “Wherever we operate in the world we embrace regulations, and we thrive in cities where contracts are awarded only to the best e-scooter operators. We look to raise the bar as high as possible when it comes to delivering safe, convenient and environmentally friendly e-scooter programmes.”

In addition, Neuron’s global e-scooter operations have been certified as a Carbon Neutral Service by The Carbon Reduction Institute. The company also now has NoCO2 certification, ensuring it is investing in global projects that reduce carbon emissions. Built for sustainable operations, Neuron was the first to implement interchangeable batteries, eliminating trips required to transport e-scooters to their charging point.

In September 2020, Neuron announced a funding round led by top Australian venture capital firm, Square Peg, along with GSR Ventures, bringing their total Series A funding to USD$30.5 million. The capital has put the company in a strong position to accelerate international expansion post COVID-19, and to maintain industry leadership when it comes to innovation and safety. 

Neuron’s industry-leading e-scooters are designed in-house specifically for renting and rider safety. The company was the first to implement a full suite of geofencing, allowing cities to better control where and how fast e-scooters can be ridden. Other pioneering safety innovations include a topple detection feature that can detect if an e-scooter has been left on its side which then alerts an operations team to reposition it safely; an emergency button which can tell if someone has had a fall and helps the rider call the emergency services; and, a “Follow my Ride” feature allows the rider’s friends and family to track an e-scooter trip in real time for added safety and peace of mind.

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