Metigy and Fiverr collaborate to support the COVID-19 microbusiness boom

Metigy and Fiverr collaborate to support the COVID-19 microbusiness boom

Metigy, the only AI-powered marketing solution for SMEs, has announced its collaboration with Fiverr, the company that is changing how the world works together, to service the growing need for digital solutions amid a microbusiness boom. 

The impact of the pandemic has undoubtedly meant sink or swim for small businesses globally as many transitioned from bricks and mortar to digital-first. While some small businesses were forced to close up shop, this also led to a rise in microbusinesses and freelancers, many of whom are turning to technology and digital tools to adapt to a changing landscape. 

According to the US Census Bureau, in November, there had been 3.3 million new business applications filed, a year-on-year increase of 27 per cent, while in Australia, research from ASIC revealed a 14 per cent increase in new business registrations during the pandemic. 

Metigy and Fiverr’s new collaboration aims to service this growing demand – by providing digital expertise at the click of a button – to boost small business growth and recovery amid a period of economic uncertainty. 

This new initiative gives Metigy’s customers the ability to tap into a broad range of digital services – from photoshop editing, social media design to copywriting and programming – while generating new business opportunities for the skilled freelancers on Fiverr. Fiverr’s sellers will be exposed to a larger pool of SMEs actively seeking digital solutions. 

Through this agreement, Metigy and Fiverr will co-create and launch a stream of free educational resources on their owned channels for the freelance and small business community. The exclusive series will help owners upskill in areas of digital marketing and business growth. 

David Fairfull, CEO and co-founder, Metigy, said: “We’re excited to partner with Fiverr to give our customers easier access to digital expertise and support the COVID-19 microbusiness boom in the US and beyond. The synergy between the two brands makes Fiverr a perfect partner for us – we’re both on a mission to support small businesses, no matter where they’re based.

“Amid the pandemic, we saw many small businesses close but this led to the rise of microbusiness owners and freelancers, many of whom made that scary leap to kickstart their own business. Now is the time to be investing in our global small business community, ensuring they have the right tools and technology in place to support growth and reach their full potential.” 

Liron Smadja, Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing & International Expansion, Fiverr, said: “Our partnership with Metigy is a first of its kind for us, helping to boost exposure and business opportunities for our global freelance community predominantly in Australia but also in Singapore and the US.

“The partnership comes at the perfect time as we continue to build our presence in Australia, expand opportunities for our network of Fiverr sellers and continue championing the small business community. We can’t wait to see what this partnership brings and are looking forward to working closely with the Metigy team.”

The partnership comes hot on the heels of Fiverr’s first major marketing investment in Australia, signaling its commitment and efforts in the region. It also follows Metigy’s Series B funding round led by Cygnet Capita earlier this year. 

Metigy was founded to give small businesses access to the same data and strategic insights that drive some of the world’s greatest marketing teams. By turning contextual real-time data from social and digital advertising channels into easy-to-understand insights and recommendations, Metigy’s platform takes the guesswork out of marketing to help businesses that don’t have large or experienced marketing teams.

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