Qlik® has deepened its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, with the launch of a new joint solution that enables faster ingestion and on-boarding of analytics-ready SAP data to Snowflake through accelerated data pipeline creation and ongoing data streaming with Qlik Data Integration. Reinforced by Qlik’s status as a Snowflake Elite Partner and 2020 Partner of the Year in Data Engineering, customers and system integrators can confidently deploy this integrated solution to increase the use and value of SAP data in modern analytics efforts in the cloud.

“Increasingly, we see customers leveraging SAP data in their analytical efforts in the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Snowflake Global Partner CTO, Chris Atkinson. “This integrated solution with Qlik will make it simpler and easier for joint customers and system integrators to deploy a trusted solution for delivering SAP data into Snowflake for analysis and action.”

This solution leverages Qlik’s SAP data integration and analytics expertise, and supports all core and industry specific SAP modules. Through near real-time and continuous ingestion of SAP data into Snowflake’s platform, including the decoding of SAP proprietary data structures, customers can now treat SAP data like any other data source with the agnostic and automated data pipeline creation capabilities of Qlik Data Integration. This unlocks analytics for previously unavailable or hard-to-access data from either legacy on-premise SAP environments or ones that were migrated already to run on a cloud platform. The joint solution also enables the use of Qlik Data Analytics with Snowflake for insight generation, including pre-packaged dashboards for a variety of SAP business functions, or the use of other third-party BI and analytics tools based on customer preference.

“Implementing a data-as-a-service platform enables ABB to uberize enterprise decision-making with timely access to real-time global data,” said Babu Kuttala, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at ABB. “The combination of Qlik’s data integration platform feeding Snowflake’s modern data cloud with SAP and other data sources is unlocking the hidden value of our data at scale, helping us create deeper insights faster.”

The solution also supports the delivery of the market’s first Snowcase, a new Snowflake program that provides pre-packaged use cases/best practices and reference architectures/blueprints with proven partners to help system integrators accelerate cloud analytic deployments for specific customer use cases. Titled Data-Driven Manufacturing Transformations,’ the Snowcase combines Qlik Data Integration, Snowflake and multiple solutions from LTI (Canvas PolarSled and Mosaic Platform) to deliver an end-to-end industry solution for manufacturing customers looking for data-driven transformation on Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

“Customers need a strong data foundation that leverages next-generation cloud technologies to compete and win,” said Sachin Vyas, VP, Data, Analytics and AI at LTI. “Our Snowcase integrated solution with Qlik is a key differentiator for delivering analytics data from complex SAP systems, and establishes core capabilities to harness the power of enterprise data across different business value-chains – something that is fundamental to becoming a data-driven enterprise.”

“We are seeing significant growth in customer demand to get more value from their SAP data leveraging the agility, flexibility and cost advantages of cloud analytics,” said Itamar Ankorion, SVP Technology Alliances at Qlik. “Customers and system integrators leveraging Snowflake can quickly and confidently deploy this joint solution with Qlik to easily accelerate time to value, driving more insights and action.”

To learn more about Qlik’s joint solution with Snowflake for SAP data, attend the on-demand version of the virtual hands-on lab from March 17 – the registration link is here. For more information about how Qlik works with Snowflake, visit https://www.qlik.com/us/products/technology/snowflake.

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Mark Ko

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