OPPO has announced the launch of its flagship true wireless (TWS) Bluetooth earphones, OPPO Enco X, that comes with active noise cancellation. This set of wireless earphones is OPPO’s first partnership with premium Danish speaker manufacturer, Dynaudio.

As OPPO’s annual flagship TWS earphones, the OPPO Enco X earphones are supported by the self-innovated DBEE 3.0 Sound System and LHDC™ wireless transmission, bringing users the bliss of high quality sound and music.

Hi-Fi Quality Co-Created with Dynaudio

The OPPO Enco X earphones are the perfect combination of OPPO’s seasoned mastery of acoustics and the Nordic audio giant Dynaudio’s expertise. The earphones’ authentic, first-class audio quality is the result of relentless research, testing, and tuning by Dynaudio’s chief acoustic experts and OPPO’s in-house acoustics team in Europe’s largest acoustic laboratory. 

OPPO released its first DBEE 1.0 Dynamic Audio technology back in 2007. 13 years later, OPPO is now introducing new materials, a new structure, and new technology in the all-new DBEE 3.0 Sound System. Innovating on traditional models, the OPPO Enco X earphones feature a coaxial dual-driver design. The front magnetic balanced membrane driver handles high frequencies, and a triple-layered composite dynamic driver in the back controls mid-low frequencies. Paired with parallel dual speakers and supported by LHDC™ low-latency wireless transmission, users can enjoy seamless, high-definition and well-rounded audio with natural depth, providing the ultimate hi-fi experience.

Noise Cancellation in Any Setting

Driven by a dual-core Bluetooth noise reduction chip, the OPPO Enco X earphones provide hybrid active noise cancellation. There are four settings available including max noise cancellation for maximum audio enjoyment during busy transit commutes; noise cancellation to soften noise in café or office environments; transparency mode for users to be aware of their surroundings without taking off their earphones; or simply turn off noise cancellation.

The OPPO Enco X earphones are also equipped with a triple-mic noise control algorithm. The use of built-in microphones in the ear and the deep integration of the dual-mic array outside the ear help to effectively eliminate the call noise after a sophisticated adaptive filter. The wind noise detection mechanism will allow users to be heard clearly even with loud noise and wind noise interference.

Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth® Transmission

The OPPO Enco X earphones continue the low-latency legacy established by the preceding OPPO earphones. The new Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth® Transmission features greater stability, system-level ultra-low latency optimisation, and even stronger latency reduction. Audiovisual synchronisation has been improved and issues with lagging and connection interference have been further reduced.

25 hours of Battery Life

With the charging case, users can now enjoy 25 hours of music playback or 15 hours of call time. Without the charging case, users can also enjoy 5.5 hours of music playback or 3.5 hours of call time. Even with max noise cancellation activated, the earphones will be able to last for 4 hours without the charging case or 20 hours with the charging case*.

Intelligent and Intuitive Controls

The OPPO Enco X earphones are equipped with touch controls to easily skip to the next song or switch between the different noise cancellation modes. Users can double-tap either earpiece to skip to the next song or answer/end a call; slide up or down on either side of the earphones to control the volume; press and hold either side of the earphones for 1 second to switch between two selected noise reduction modes (by default, these are Transparency mode and max noise cancellation mode); and tap three times to activate Google Voice Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon Alexa.

*Charging and use time data are measured using standard OPPO chargers in an OPPO laboratory at room temperature (25°C). The actual charging and use time will vary depending on different usage environments and individual differences in chargers.

Sales Information:

  • OPPO Enco X earphones are available in colours White and Black.
  • The OPPO Enco X earphones are coming in March and are priced at S$259. They will be available for purchase in OPPO Concept Stores, OPPO’s Shopee and Lazada Flagship Stores as well as our authorised retailers.
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