One Identity, the global leader in identity and access management, announced that it is offering a free security risk assessment for SolarWinds customers to uncover vulnerabilities, recommend improvements in architecture and practices, remediate misconfiguration, and mature their security posture. Customer and data security is the highest priority at One Identity, and this free assessment seeks to help organisations navigate through times of uncertainty as attacks continue to grow in sophistication and complexity across the broad range of identity-centric risks including privileged accounts, Active Directory/ Azure Active Directory accounts, and entitlement assessment and management. In addition, One Identity is offering three months of free use of its industry-leading Safeguard privileged access management solution.

“In today’s all digital and hyperconnected world, everyone is a privileged user, and sophisticated attackers exploit and misuse that privilege in the most nefarious ways. The SolarWinds breach and resulting privilege abuse is the latest example of that trend. In light of the SolarWinds breach that impacted 18,000 organisations on a global scale, ensuring our customers have deep visibility and actionable intelligence to improve their security posture is of the utmost importance to us at One Identity,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, president and general manager at One Identity. “By providing this free assessment to organisations, we are able to share our deep knowledge of identity-centric security and Zero-Trust defense with the broader industry and help these SolarWinds customers develop a remediation strategy for recent cyberattacks and proactive defense against the future.”

One Identity’s free security assessment will help organisations understand the impact of the SolarWinds breach, and help them gain insights into bolstering their security including:

  • The effectiveness of their service account provisioning and management approach
  • Identification of accounts with inappropriate privileges
  • Potential opportunities to lower privileges of existing service accounts
  • Whether they are prepared to effectively identify appropriate account actions
  • The risks associated with their federation approach
  • The best roadmap for organisations to adopt a Zero-Trust strategy
  • How to prevent future attacks

The vast majority of breaches involve the abuse or misuse of elevated privileges and as recent events have highlighted exploited elevated Active Directory privileges are particularly targeted, putting sensitive data at risk. To proactively address these types of threats, One Identity recommends implementing a series of best practices that can improve organisation’s security posture and reduce risk. Taking a dynamic approach to Zero-Trust can help organisations mitigate risk and minimise exposure. By integrating a Zero-Trust strategy with comprehensive privileged access management (PAM) – including password management, session audit and privileged behaviour analytics – organisations can build a proactive privilege defense

Zero Trust implementation is most successful when coupled with a least-privilege access model where individuals (in particular those individuals who require elevated permissions) are only granted the precise entitlements necessary to do their day-to-day job – nothing more, nothing less. Taking an identity-centric approach to security can help organisations of all sizes gain the upper hand when it comes to proactive security in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks.

For additional resources from One Identity on its free security assessment and to access a free three-month trial of One Identity Safeguard to securely store, manage, authenticate, record and analyse privileged access, please visit:

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