SINGAPORE, 4 November 2020, Universal Robots (UR), global leader of the latest human and robot collaboration, highlights 9 free, interactive online education modules for collaborative robots (cobots) programming at Universal Robots Academy. Universal Robots encourage career seekers and switchers interested in manufacturing and robots to engage in this field-proven learning system for retraining and reskilling. It is also a free resource for businesses to understand and experience cobots online before redesigning their facilities.

As cobots and automation continue to permeate many industry sectors beyond traditional manufacturers, there is a growing demand for employees skilled in these emerging areas. Retraining and reskilling employees are now pressing priorities for industries to keep pace with a post-pandemic world. 

“Technology and automation advance exponentially with cobots now taking more stage space as Industry 4.0 shapes up to radically permeate and transform many operations worldwide. The manual and some cognitive work done by humans are relegated to machines and robots. This drives the importance of having a skilled workforce with the right technical training. To ensure all employees are keeping pace with the advances, industry leaders need to quickly embark on retraining and reskilling initiatives, “said Darrell Adams, Head of Southeast Asia & Oceania, Universal Robots.

Universal Robots is lowering barriers to automation with the Universal Robots Academy, providing high-quality training on automation and UR cobots. UR constantly strives to make advantages of cobots accessible to all, from business leaders to practitioners alike. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-class training is currently supplanted by free, engaging and intuitive online courses such as online training, webinars, and video tutorials.

Online Training – Learn to program a robot in less than 2 hours

The free online training modules in robot programming are launched to further lower the automation barrier. The interactive modules are designed to deliver hands-on learning through simulations to maximise user engagement. 

“It is unusual in the industry to make robot training curriculum of this kind available for free. This is a long-term investment for us. We want to raise the robot literacy and the reason for speeding up the entry of cobots is not only to optimise production, “says Darrell Adams. “We are facing a looming skills gap in the manufacturing industry, facilitating knowledge creation and access of our robots is an important step in that direction.”

The online training modules are available in 16 languages such as English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean. The programme consists of e-learning modules that make up the basic programming training for UR cobots within 2 hours. This includes configuring end-effectors, connecting I/Os (inputs and outputs), creating basic programs, in addition to applying safety features to an application.

The nine modules include:

  1. First Look: Features and Terminology
  2. How the Robot Works
  3. Setting Up A Tool
  4. Creating A Program
  5. Interaction with External Devices
  6. Safety Settings
  7. Feature Coordinates
  8. Packaging
  9. Program Flow

WebinarsUniversal Robots hosts a series of insightful, “live” webinars for new users. UR supports businesses of every size across the world to automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes. The webinars are designed as a quick introduction to the world of cobots and their applications. Participants are also given the opportunity to provide their inputs and questions to get the most out of these webinars. 

These free interactive sessions are hosted by Universal Robots Academy certified trainers and will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to UR+; how UR robots cooperate with third-party company products to make our solution easy to use.
  2.  UR Online Resources; learn how to get started, educated and supported in the use of UR cobots
  3.  Optimising the Software For A Reliable And Robust Application

Video Tutorials – Short & concise guides 

Within interactive learning environments, end-users are introduced to automation and industrial applications, mastering robot programming in minutes. 

However, many end-users need a knowledge refresher when it comes to robot programming. The step-by-step programming examples and tutorials for troubleshooting and repair tasks, created by Universal Robots offers as a practical guide for partners, system integrators, and end-users, in short videos of between 1 to 10 minutes each.

“Participants who joined our training classes may still face difficulties in troubleshooting or repairing tasks. Everyone learns differently and some may need a video tutorial to refresh their knowledge learned in robot programming. Hence, we create visual instructions on topics such as replacing a joint, backing up log files, and importing an arm tool in short videos for ease of reference,” says Darrell Adams. 

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