India, October 21, 2020 –, a leading managed no-code software development platform that empowers people to build software without ever needing to understand technology, has announced the launch of its latest no-code product offering, Studio Rapid, which enables enterprises to build fully native custom apps in a day. While apps are typically developed in months, Studio Rapid technology delivers simple native apps that can be instantly adjusted in as little as a few hours with more complex enterprise applications developed in under one week. has deepened its no-code platform offering, enabling enterprise customers the ability to build and deploy functional custom native apps either by themselves or by using’s network of developers. Non-technical application builders now have the means to build attractive, native mobile app front ends quickly and simply, without having to recreate the business logic in the underlying applications. 

Key benefits for enterprises looking to rapidly build high-quality apps include:

  • Collaboration power: The viewing mode, Rapid Viewer, allows all stakeholders to see ongoing development in real time on their mobile devices. 
  • Developer-free: Customers can access’s extended creator network so they don’t need in-house design or technical capabilities.
  • Real-time adjustments: Teams can make instant updates, create new designs, add new functions and see the results on the app instantly. 
  • Easy integrations without tech ‘know how’: App can be integrated into existing systems through a user-friendly API mapper that exposes the business logic without needing database logic or visual workflows.
  • One ‘Super App’: Enterprise customers can launch virtual app stores across the mobile devices of their users – providing all their enterprise applications in a single place.
  • Highest security: Studio Rapid does not hold or collect any data, it merely allows the data to flow through via APIs, and therefore, does not pose a data security risk.

“’s mission has always been to be the connection between every great idea and a fully realized product. We’ve continued to deliver on that promise by providing tools for enterprise customers, so that everyone across the enterprise has the power to bring their ideas to life without ever needing to write a line of code,” said Sachin Dev Duggal, Co-Founder and CEO of “There has been a lot of talk about the difficulties with bringing an app to life and how many platforms end up requiring users to use third-party consultants. Today we are breaking that mould with a tool where you can do it yourself or use one of our experts. App development is never static – every department and intrapreneur needs to continue to develop and iterate their ideas with ongoing adjustments, new features and many more seemingly costly changes. Now with Studio Rapid, customers can build their app in hours, then run the app and make design adjustments in parallel, which allows all stakeholders the freedom to test app updates without any real loss of time and money.” 

Studio Rapid takes a design-centric approach and provides users with a clean no-code UI creation tool to build their app. Customers create their app by inserting various building blocks into Studio Rapid, such as images, icons and text, so that their design and behavior is fully customisable. Once developed, the app can be used and tested by all stakeholders and then improved over four weeks. While provides pre-built themes that speed up app creation, the customer has the power to design the look and feel of their unique custom app. Customers get the full benefit of the acquisition through access to Builder’s extended designer network and can even have more complex applications developed for them on Builder Studio.

Studio Rapid is available for enterprise customers starting on a licensed model. 

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