Singapore – 21 October 2020 – Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, has announced it is already a Niche Player in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions[1]. Gartner defines ‘Meeting Solutions’ as offerings that “blend communications, collaboration and content sharing to enable virtual meeting scenarios to satisfy a variety of use cases.”

Avaya Spaces™, a video meeting and collaboration app that was launched earlier this year to meet the needs of a work-from-anywhere world, has modern user experience, strategic partnerships, and global geographic reach.

Avaya Spaces is an all-in-one video meeting and collaboration app for the digital workplace that changes the way work gets done in nearly 100 countries. Avaya Spaces helps businesses, schools, governments and other organisations to bring together distributed groups of people instantly with immersive work spaces where they can message, meet, share content, manage tasks and collaborate in the cloud.

“The explosive growth of video conferencing and the proliferation of platforms has created the need for easier to use, all-in-one solutions that improve collaboration and reduce the fatigue of too many apps,” said Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Avaya.

“Customers and employees need the right tools to elevate their work-from-anywhere experience, as well as a fundamental shift in thinking when it comes to using those tools – moving away from the idea of ‘just’ video meetings to collaborative, cloud-based work spaces. Avaya Spaces enables businesses to excel at the usual day-to-day tasks, but also the unplanned and new-priority work that arrives nearly every moment of every day. For Avaya, being named in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions once again is indicative of the progress we continue to make in customer-led innovation,” said Harrison.

Avaya Spaces has seen significant growth since its introduction, and has been an especially important solution for organisations addressing the challenges of COVID-19. At the peak of the pandemic, Avaya Spaces was offered for free to enable companies, schools, governments and organisations of all kinds to adapt to remote work and collaborate, stay connected and be productive while keeping employees safe. As a result, Avaya Spaces video traffic increased up to 2,500 per cent during the pandemic.

Avaya also recently announced a relationship with NVIDIA that brings a new level of market-defining, AI-powered meeting capabilities to Avaya Spaces, helping increase the impact and value of visual, audio and collaborative experiences. Avaya Spaces is offered with Avaya OneCloud™ Subscription, as well as on a standalone basis.

More than 130,000 customers around the globe rely on Avaya to reliably deliver secure, intelligent connections for their customers and employees, including 90 percent of the Fortune 100. Avaya has been named an April 2019 Customers’ Choice for Unified Communications, and Avaya Spaces was  reviewed by customers from a wide range of industries[2]:

  • Why Have Teams When You Could Have Spaces? Using Avaya Spaces has been great during the COVID-19 lockdown period, keeping interactive with colleagues over video calls and being able to easily collaborate and share files with them too.”
  • “As my business is becoming global, I have suppliers and customers in many parts of Middle East, Asia and Europe. Avaya spaces made collaborating with my suppliers unimaginably easier! As with dealing with customers, their messages can come across more accurate as I communicate with them “face to face” with so much ease.”
  • A Nicely Built Platform For Meeting New Normal Of Tomorrow. [We had] been really struggling hard during this pandemic situation to manage the day to day operation and [Avaya] Spaces has really gave a direction how to run our day to day operation the platform. It’s a very thoughtfully built product.”
  • “We used lot of collaboration software and tools hereinafter we are using Avaya Spaces collaboration tool and this is amazing in terms of the functionality and specifications. Overall superb.”
  • It [Avaya Spaces] has been a wonderful experience, the user interface is very friendly and easy to use. the support given is timely and accurate.”

To learn more about Avaya and Gartner’s October 2020 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions, please click here.



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