How to block unknown callers from reaching you on your iPhone

Unknown callers are annoying and it irritates the skin out of me to receive a call from Papua New Guinea on a Sunday morning when I’m still asleep. If you face the same predicament as me and you own an iPhone, here’s how you can prevent these calls.

  1. Make sure that you are on iOS 13 or later, if not, update it now
  2. Go to your Settings and locate Phone
  3. Under the phone setting, scroll down to the option, Silence Unknown Callers and turn it on.

Now, this feature is not the same as Call Screen by Google, which is still only available in the US. What it does is to direct these unknown callers to your voicemail rather than having Siri screening your call. The silenced calls will still appear under your Recent call list, so if you are worried that you might have missed an important call like one for a job interview that you’ve been waiting for, just remember to check the list often.

Also, if you are aware of the numbers you want to get through to you like from your child’s school, you should consider saving it in your contacts so that you can be contacted.

Do note that other calls going through other chat apps might still reach you but at least the the number of spam calls you receive will not be as much as before.

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