Audiobook fans can now subscribe to one of the world’s leading audiobook platforms, StoryTel, to access its more than 85,000 titles, in Singapore.

The Swedish company’s entry into the local market is the first step of its expansion plan into Southeast Asia, on top of the 16 countries that it’s providing its services.

Starting at S$9.90 per month, you can access unlimited audiobooks to satisfy your cravings for a good read. If you are looking to subscribe to StoryTel for your family or friends, there are also other plans that allow more users to access the audiobooks, ranging between S$14.90 and S$19.90 per month.

Each subscription plan will also come with a “Kids Mode” feature, which is a filter that locates kids-friendly audiobook titles on its platform for your children.

StoryTel is now available in Singapore, starting with more than 85,000 audiobook titles

“We are delighted to introduce Storytel to Singapore. Singaporeans love a good book but are increasingly finding it difficult to read due to a lack of time and other commitments. Storytel aims to bridge that gap by offering instant access, anytime and anywhere,” said Shalu Wasu, Country Manager, Storytel Singapore. “Motivated by a desire to learn constantly and maximise efficiency through multitasking, Singaporeans can now make full use of each moment, be it travel time or time spent waiting, with Storytel.”

According to its press release/audio release, the audiobooks platform will “feature a shelf of titles by local authors through partnerships with homegrown publishers like Marshall Cavendish, Epigram and Armour Publishing. Storytel will also work with authors to produce local narrations as exclusive content.”

Commenting on his partnership with StoryTel, Neil Humphreys, one of Singapore’s best-selling authors, said:

“I am genuinely thrilled to be working with Storytel. It is the first time that an audiobook platform will be working so closely with authors in Singapore. Storytel is a welcome and timely boost for the local literary scene, from authors to publishers.”

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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