Exclusive offer for Apex Legends | Tech Coffee House

Exclusive offer for Apex Legends

Exclusive offer for Apex Legends | Tech Coffee House

Apex Legends has an exclusive offer that you don’t want to miss. For just $20 via Twitch Prime, you can get premium content of the wildly popular first-shooter game that you would have spent hours to earn.

The premium content include:

  • Omega Point Pathfinder Legendary Skin ($15): This is exclusive for Twitch Prime members and is the highest tier item type (Legendary) that you can get in the game. Legendary items are incredibly rare and have a 7.4% drop rate from Apex Packs.
  • 5 Apex Packs ($5): Apex Packs are the equivalent of random loot boxes that can be earned in-game by levelling up or purchased within the in-game store. These packs contain three random items that can be anything from a weapon or character skins to character voice lines or crafting metals.

More details on the Apex Legends Twitch Prime page here.