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Language I/O is a software company that provides multilingual customer support to those using Zendesk, Salesforce and Oracle.

Organisations using Zendesk Support can now talk to customers in more than 150 languages using Language I/O Response for support ticket translation, Language I/O Help for Guide article translation and soon to come—Language I/O Chat for multilingual chats.

“74 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if customer support is offered in their language,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Kaarina Kvaavik. “So, why not offer it on every channel, in every language at the highest quality?”

Using a sophisticated and smart combination of machine translation and professional human translation, Language I/O makes monolingual customer support agents multilingual customer service agents with the click of a button. With Language I/O Response, customers can literally ask a customer service agent a question in a Support ticket in any language and get an accurate response back in their language in a matter of moments regardless of which language the agent speaks. With Language I/O Help, customers can read accurately translated Guide articles to help themselves, negating the need for an email, call, or chat.

These multilingual customer support products create satisfied customers, improve CSat scores and NPS; decrease average abandonment rates; decrease average handling time; increase service level; and decrease resolution time. Language I/O allows customer service teams to meet and exceed these KPIs without hiring multilingual support teams, a savings of up to 40 percent on customer support costs.

“As a customer, we know how challenging it is to get support from a company that cannot effectively communicate with us,” Kvaavik said. “As a business, we know how important it is to deliver superior service to companies such as LinkedIn, Shutterstock and iRobot, that are already working with us. We are absolutely thrilled to add Zendesk to the CRMs we integrate with and we already have numerous companies that have signed on.”

Language I/O products:

  • Integrate with six different machine translation engines
  • Automatically train machine translation engines to use customer and industry specific glossaries
  • Allow agents to choose human professional translations or machine translation on a ticket-by- ticket basis
  • Encrypt personal data
  • Allow for selective translation so only a portion of a Support ticket is translated
  • Use professionally pre-translated templates, macros and auto-responders to reduce cost and improve quality

Source: Language I/O

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