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Since virtual keyboards on tablets are designed to be used on display screen, it can be easy to make typing errors, which can be particularly frustrating when working on a document. Smaller touchpads or joysticks are also not as convenient as a mouse. For this reason, many tablet users used to carry portable keyboards and mouse. The motion keyboard Mokibo, developed by Innopresso, a member of K-ICT Born2Global Centre, will soon be launched to solve some of these problems.

The motion keyboard Mokibo implements a large-sized touchpad on a keyboard without a separate touchpad or mouse. This was made possible because of the smart mode-switching algorithm and motion-recognition technology. Mokibo is also unique as the most space-efficient product currently available among all touchpad-imbedded keyboards. Despite its portable size, Mokibo offers both a full-sized keyboard and a large touchpad and that is why it has high utility as a portable keyboard. If a laptop manufacturer uses the Mokibo module, it can save touchpad space, which can reduce the thickness of a laptop by about 4.3% and reduce its weight by approximately 3.9%. In addition to these reductions, the touchpad can actually be expanded by up to three times larger then normal notebook touchpads, thereby it helps to improve the controllability of the touchpad. In addition, as the Mokibo module can be applied to smart home controllers in living areas or media controllers in autonomous vehicles, Mokibo is expected to continue to expand its market share continuously.

Jeff eunhyung Cho, a CEO of Innopresso, Inc., has been making efforts since 2012 to acquire secure patent rights for Mokibo’s key technologies. As a result, the company currently holds 14 patents in the U.S, 18 patents in South Korea, five patents in China, one patent in Japan, and one patent in Europe. Thanks to its systemically networked patent portfolio, the company is expected to keep competitiveness in the global market.

Mokibo officially launched a Chinese crowdfunding campaign on on December 20, and funding will continue for 40 days. The product will be shipped within 30 days after the funding period ends.

Future plans

Mokibo is introduced as a portal keyboard. The Mokibo module has also been completed that can be applied to a thin laptop. In the future, the company plans to share the Mokibo experience with even more people by diversifying Mokibo into several different product groups such as foldable keyboards, tablet PC-keyboards, and mechanical keyboards, and through collaborations with the existing laptop and keyboard manufacturers.

Source: PRNewswire

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