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Boston based health and wellness company, Health Vector has announced the release of its first app. 

The Health Vector app allows users to track daily wellbeing, symptoms, document health conditions, allergies, keep track of medications, prepare for medical appointments, and leave the doctor’s office with a clear record of the treatment plan.

Dan Mirica, one of the co-founders, survived a misdiagnosis in 2015 and, together with his wife, made it their mission to increase patient activation and improve diagnostic accuracy.

“We are very excited to launch our app for both iOS and Android,” says co-founder and CEO, Maria Zhorina. “Health literacy drives higher rates of adherence to treatment plans.  Lifestyle changes stick because they are easy to understand. Adherence to treatment plans is a completely different story. You need guidance, reminders and a meaningful conversation with your clinician.”

“The Health Vector app focuses on 3 important aspects of patient centricity: getting insights into your own health, preparing for medical appointments by focusing on what is relevant and improving your understanding of treatment plans,” says the chairman of Health Vector, Werner Geissler.

The Health Vector app is feature rich, easy to use and fun. Capture symptoms fast with the Click&Speak voice-entry, use medicine reminders and medical appointments integrated in the phone calendar and refer to the medical visit note for a list of questions to ask during your encounter with the clinician. Document your personal and family medical history to use for all medical visits and track medical expenses. The app integrates with Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and Fitbit.

“Our advanced analytics feature is essential. Tracking fitness, vitals and health dimensions over time combined with our analytics leads to new insights and correlations.” says Dan Mirica, co-founder, leading innovation and strategy at Health Vector.

The app is free, and you can track your own health and the health of your loved ones too – all in one place.

To learn more about Health Vector visit the company’s website at

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