SINGAPORE – LG Electronics (LG) had unveiled its new lineup of XBOOM Go audio products, which is poised to continue the brand’s legacy of powerful sound. On its 60th anniversary, LG is driving its audio strategy by focusing first and foremost on sound quality and investing in a wide range of R&D initiatives. One of these efforts is the partnership with Meridian Audio, whose technology is implemented in LG XBOOM Go products. As the company behind the world’s first digital active loudspeaker and industry’s first audiophile-quality compact disc player, Meridian has played a fundamental role in the development and implementation of revolutionary audio technologies such as Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), and also served as the exclusive audio brand for premium carmakers such as Land Rover, McLaren and Jaguar.

The launch of XBOOM Go (models PK7/PK5/PK3) allows even more music lovers to enjoy the benefits of LG’s audio expertise. XBOOM Go embraces the brand’s heritage of powerful sound and party fun and is designed to captivate listeners with both quality and user convenience.

Dual Action Bass for a Richer, More Harmonious Audio Experience

With Meridian’s advanced audio technology, XBOOM Go speakers deliver clear treble and strong bass as well as exceptionally powerful, accurate sound despite their compact sizes. The outstanding sound quality of the portable speakers is enhanced by their dual passive radiators. These act like mini bass drivers; with the Enhanced Bass technology, these speakers sound much more significant and more substantial. Play music with a strong bass line on the speakers, use Enhanced Bass, turn up the volume and be moved by the bright and vibrant sound.

Crisp and Clear Vocals at Any Volume

Working with Meridian, LG has designed the sounds of the XBOOM Go speakers to be exceptionally balanced so that the treble and bass do not overwhelm each other. Furthermore, the Clear Vocal mode in the PK5 and PK7 models enables the mid or vocal range to be clear and crisp at any volume. Additionally, the PK7 feature dual tweeters, which make the singing parts sound more natural as well as add enhanced clarity to the instrumentals.

High-definition Bluetooth Streaming for Lossless Music

The XBOOM Go series features the first wireless speakers to support aptX™ HD from Qualcomm for superb lossless 24bit/576kbps hi-res streaming audio. This will satisfy the needs of highly demanding audiophiles who are sensitive to loss of fidelity during Bluetooth streaming. Also, these Bluetooth streaming methods allow better audio transmission with less noise in the signal. LG has incorporated the aptX™ into the PK3 and aptX™ HD into the PK5 and PK7.

Voice Commands to Play Your Favorite Tunes

The XBOOM Go speakers feature a microphone that functions as a speakerphone. Not only that, users can activate Google Assistant or Siri directly from the speaker using voice command. To enable it, connect a smartphone to the speaker, press the voice button on the speaker and command it to play a track or even ask a question.

Turn Any Place into a Party Location with the Speakers’ Built-in Lighting

The PK5 and PK7 both have built-in lighting that can pulse in multiple colours to the beat, and hence turn any space into a dancefloor. The Bluetooth Application allows users to set the lights any way they want. Tap the screen to the beat and the lights will flash in tandem with the rhythmic taps. Also, the PK7 features dual sparkle strips above and below the drivers. These multi-coloured sparkle strips emit captivating illumination. From parks to beaches, function rooms to living halls, any space can now become a party location.

Take the Speakers Anywhere Without Worry

An ideal choice for pool parties, the XBOOM Go speakers are splash proof. The PK5 and PK7 come with IPX5 protection rating, which makes them safe from sprays and splashing of water in all directions. The PK3 has an IPX7 rating, functioning even if submerged to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.

Grab and Go Ergonomics for a Comfortable Grip

The X-Grip design in the PK5 and PK7 makes them easy to carry and is built for long-usage purposes for those all-night celebrations. The design also angles the front-facing speakers towards a listener’s ears, resulting in a more heightened and impactful audio experience.

“Buoyed by the addition of Meridian as our audio technology partner, LG is poised to open up new possibilities in the entire home audio business,” said Hosik Kim, Product Director, LG Home Entertainment. “The new XBOOM Go products set a new standard in the portable-speaker range, and will reshape the on-the-go audio experience for many users.”

Source: LG

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