The reason why many home-owners dread to clean their house these days is that they are tired.

After working for the whole week, the last thing they want to do during the weekends is to clean the house.

Although currently, there’s no robot to help with all types of chores at home, having a floor cleaning option is an excellent start to keeping your floor clean, while you are asleep or at work.

There are plenty of choices out there in the market. However, to a find an affordable and good option, without digging deep into Taobao, it’s nearly impossible until today.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS had launched the DEEBOT 900 last month. At S$599, the DEEBOT 900 is one of the lower-priced floor cleaning robots you could find in the market.

And it comes packed with functions.

What the DEEBOT 900 can do is as per what the Vice President of Global Channels at ECOVACS ROBOTICS, Jonathan Tang said:

“The intelligent DEEBOT 900 enables users to have a clean home while spending less time cleaning, and as a result, quality time on more enjoyable pastimes.”

Efficient Cleaning


According to the auto cleaning robots supplier, the DEEBOT 900 “knows more and cleans brilliantly.” That’s because of their technology called Smart Navi and Adaptive Floor Sensing. The former scans,┬ámaps and plans the most efficient cleaning path and the latter is capable of detecting the types of flooring it’s cleaning for better outcomes. Boosted with 900’s multiple sensors, the floor cleaning robot is able to maximise its cleaning coverage, and avoid collisions with its touch-sensitive bumpers.

The DEEBOT 900 is also able to remove hair and pet fur from your floors using a direct suction inlet. It also has a trick of its own when it comes to stubborn dirts.

Home-owners can use the new Max cleaning mode, which increases suction power by 70 per cent to remove dirts that attached themselves stubbornly onto carpets or floors.

Do more with the app and AI Assistants


Pair the DEEBOT 900 with the ECOVACS app, home-owners can get the cleaning robot to do more. With the app, home-owners can:

  • build maps and draw up to 50 virtual boundaries on-the-go;
  • schedule cleaning time; and
  • determine the cleaning mode.

The DEEBOT 900 is compatible with the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which allows home-owners to interact with the robot through voice commands.

Communication is a two-way affair. That’s why the cleaning robot can also provide real-time feedback on working status and problems through its voice reminder function.

Its power

The DEEBOT 900 has a 3,000 mAh battery that is said to have a working time of 100-minute. When the power is low, the robot will automatically return to its charging dock for a recharge. It will then return to where it left off by itself to continue its cleaning.

So what do you think about the DEEBOT 900? Let us know your thoughts.

If you have been considering getting a cleaning robot for your home or office, you can check out the DEEBOT 900 at Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki, Home-Fix, and e-commerce stores like Qoo10 and Lazada.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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