Sony Electronics has announced the newest additions to their Sony EXTRA BASS wireless series – SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31, and SRS-XB21 EXTRA BASS™ wireless speakers – that can create a three-dimensional music experience that brings consumers to the “middle of a music festival with singers performing directly to you.”

Dunja LaRosa, Director, and Head of Mobile Audio Business, Home Entertainment and Sound at Sony Electronics, North America, said:

“We are excited to bring another round of Sony EXTRA BASS speakers to the party. The new models build on the EXTRA BASS family to provide users with the deep and punchy bass they love with an exciting synchronised light show to elevate any party scene.”

What’s so special?

To create the three-dimensional music experience or the LIVE SOUND mode, Sony embedded a new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) into the new Sony EXTRA BASS wireless speakers. Partnering it with the angled speaker design, consumers can feel the music “spreading both vertically and horizontally.”

According to Sony Electronics, “These speakers are designed to sustain and focus on “deep bass” & “punchy bass” which perfectly exhibits heavy bass music such as the popular music genres of EDM, grime and hip-hop.”

Sony Electronics Speakers
For the first time, Sony speakers can now connect up to 100 compatible (SRS-XB41/31/21) speakers together. (PRNewsfoto/Sony Electronics)

New Wireless Party Chain
If you think that your wireless speaker connecting to more than five speakers is impressive, the new SRS-XB41/31/21 can connect up to 100 compatible wireless speakers. Imagine asking 100 friends to bring them to a party.

All of the lights
With speaker and flashing strobe lighting effects and line light in multiple colors, the XB41 and its fellow models1 will liven up any atmosphere by adapting to the music you love to make it feel like you are at a festival or in your favorite club. This paired with the realistic sound element means you can create an effortlessly great night.

Customise your party
Let the speaker be the host and entertain friends with the new, playful ‘Party Booster’ feature. It can be used as an instrument and can detect tapping from 5 different directions thanks to the built-in accelerometer that generates a sound and lighting reaction. This creates a uniting party experience full of interactive opportunities, all you need to do is tap and enjoy!

Durable new features
The new fabric material design, which comes in up to 5 colors, means the speakers are robust and washable, so the odd spillage will never be an issue. They are also water and dust resistant with an IP67 rating, meaning you can enjoy the speakers on the beach, at a pool party or even put them in the mud without worrying about damaging them!

They are wireless and are designed so users can hand carry them wherever you choose. Being so compact with up to a 24 hour2 battery life, bring EXTRA BASS™ sound anywhere and the party can carry on all night long.

The Sony EXTRA BASS™ range has been extended with these three speakers and is better than ever, and made to be more outdoorsy and durable so they can battle the elements of your day-to-day life.

Pricing and Availability

  • The SRS-XB41 speaker will be priced at $249.99 MSRP and available from Spring 2018.
  • The SRS-XB31 speaker will be priced at $149.99 MSRP and available from Spring 2018.
  • The SRS-XB21 speaker will be priced at $99.99 MSRP and available from Spring 2018.

Source: Sony introduces new EXTRA BASS SRS-XB41/31/21 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018

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