This is by far the most common question I’ve been asked. Should you get a Macbook Air? 

A few months ago, when people asked me this question, I said no because rumours were brewing strongly that Apple might kill the Air thanks to the new ultra light Macbook. Fast-forward to right before WWDC 2017, my replied was also no because there may be an announcement of a new Macbook Air, which was kind of exciting. Now, after WWDC, my answer?

A lot of reviewers have speculated about a possible change in the design of the Macbook Air, which was valid given that the Air is an ancient product of Apple’s. But Apple proved them wrong by leaving the external look of the Air the same. All ports remained the same. Even the super bad screen resolution is staying on. Many laptops out there of the same price range have better screen resolution so it’s disappointing.

What about specs?

The major change of the Macbook Air is probably the specifications but it’s also not something you should be looking forward to. It still runs on the 5th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, which makes you wonder why when other laptops have moved on to the 6th Generation without costing significantly more.

The Macbook Air now starts off with a 1.8GHz processor and the same 128GB of storage, which you can configure both to your ideal preference that is 2.2GHz or up to 512GB of storage. Of course, this means more money.

That said, not everything is bad news for the Macbook Air if you can see past what I mentioned above. To me, the best thing about the Macbook Air is the ports, which have ceased to exist in the new models. The Macbook Air still has 2 x USB 3 port, 1 x Thunderbolt 2, 1 x SD card slot, MagSafe 2 power port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Battery life remains fantastic that can last you up to 12 hours.


All in all, the Macbook Air is not a disastrous laptop. It’s just ancient. I’m definitely not recommending it because it’s still a 2015 model packaged with some insignificant upgrades and called it 2017. 

If you are looking to buy an Apple laptop or want to try out the Apple ecosystem, I would recommend you to look at the Macbook 2017 instead. It should give you way better experience than the Air.

Do you agree with me? Let me know.

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