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This mouse pad charges your mouse

The hassle of changing the battery for your mouse or docking it for charging is over. Logitech has unveiled the world’s first wireless gaming mouse charging system called the Logitech POWERPLAY. What this means...


Is this silent mouse really silent?

The convenience of a mouse can never be replaced by a track-pad. I can never live without it. But sometimes the clicking sound of the mouse does annoy me especially when I’m doing photo-editing....


Behold! The World’s Largest QLED Gaming Monitor!

The gaming experience has just gone up a zillion notches, with Samsung Electronics launching the World’s Largest QLED Gaming Monitor at Gamescom 2017, renowned as the largest annual gathering of computer and video game industry’s media, developers, retailers...


LG V30 to have an aperture of F1.6

LG will be unveiling its latest high-end smartphone, the LG V30, in the coming weeks. The main selling point? The F1.6 aperture and glass lens in the dual rear camera. This is the world’s...