Worst passwords of 2016 unveiled

  Creating passwords is the most pain in the butt thing ever. Almost every site providing a form of service requires you to create a unique password. But this article is not about guiding you on how to write your password. On the contrary, this article is to inform you on the passwords that you

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Floss with Flosstime

Image credit: Flosstime According to a research, people who floss every day can live up to six years longer and this is why we should embrace Flosstime. Flosstime is the “world’s first smart floss dispenser”. Yes. It dispenses floss, which is something that I believe is good-to-have tech. How it works. Flosstime uses micro-suction tapes to stick itself

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Tobii Eye Tracking – Explained

Some of you may have seen this listed under your computer specifications. If you are not a gamer and you have this technology on your computer, then you probably have a gaming computer than a regular one, which you have also probably paid more. Tobii Eye Tracker is a technology that tracks your eye movement while

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