Smart Fitness with the Huawei Watch 2

Smart watches are taking our world by storm, and are slowing becoming a device of convenience in the lives of many. Huawei is one of the big names that understands this, and has recently introduced its Watch 2 series at the MWC 2017, using its latest research result and developments.The Huawei Watch 2 inherits the

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Behold… The Largest Flash Drive in the World!

  2TB all in a pint-sized thumb drive… really? I found it hard to believe, but I can’t deny that portable storage drives are evolving at the speed of a sprinting cheetah. I couldn’t help but read about the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (GT) by Kingston Digital, acclaimed as the world’s highest capacity USB Flash

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Review of the Samsung Gear 360

360 photos and videos could be the future of photography and videography but is that future now? You may have seen it in the stores and may have watched Casey Neistat holding it while hanging onto a helicopter because when it comes to the 360 cameras, it is hard for anyone to miss the Samsung

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