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LG V30 to have an aperture of F1.6

LG will be unveiling its latest high-end smartphone, the LG V30, in the coming weeks. The main selling point? The F1.6 aperture and glass lens in the dual rear camera. This is the world’s first smartphone to have such a wide aperture lens among all existing smartphone cameras. Having a wider aperture means that more

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Opinion Piece: Artificial Intelligence: Yes or No?

The tech world is evolving extremely fast and new technology is sprouting everywhere across the world almost every day. However, the innovation for many tech giants like Google, it seems like what’s happening now is not enough. There is more to be done and this is possibly why Google ventures into the world of Artificial

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Do not fly any drones near the National Day Parade venue

Drones have picked up popularity over the last two years and thanks to the recently super affordable DJI Sparks, more people are flying it more than ever. However, if you are thinking of flying one near the National Day Parade, don’t. The Singapore Government has purchased a drone radar named Gamekeeper that could detect drones

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