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Browser is the endpoint 0

Browser is the new endpoint

By: Rajesh Ranganathan, Product Manager, ManageEngine When asked to name their critical network endpoints, most IT pros would cite mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers. A few might include wearables and other emerging end-user hardware....

Data quality - Talend Inc. 0

Six Do’s and Don’ts of Collaborative Data Management

By: Calvin Hoon, Regional VP of Sales, Asia Pacific, Talend Inc. Data Quality Projects are no longer solely technical projects. They are becoming collaborative and team driven. As organizations strive to succeed in their digital...

iPhone user dumb? 0

iOS users are dumb?

NTU Confessions recently shared an interesting submission from an anonymous source, and it says: If you don’t wish to click on see more, here’s what he/she said: “Just an honest opinion, not offence. I’m...