Month: March 2017

Samsung gets everything right with Galaxy S8

Samsung has finally launched the much anticipated Galaxy S8 and we believe that it has hit all the sweet spots. Here’s why. Look and feel The Samsung Galaxy S8 is no longer growing horizontally to accommodate a bigger screen. It is now growing taller instead. But do not mistake it for having the same screen

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Driving Towards a Future of Connected Cars

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Microsoft is actively working with the world’s leading automotive companies and suppliers to deliver innovative technologies and services to customers who drive, to move towards a world where connected cars will be taking over the roads. And the tech giant has just announced a new patent licensing agreement with Toyota Corp. that includes broad coverage for connected

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Smartwatches Get Sleeker: Fossil Group

I’ve always had an admiration for watches, especially those that are both elegant, sporty and fashionable. I could never understand why I liked them, but I wished that someday, I would own a watch that would capture my attention. Little did I know that watches were set on a path towards evolution. Now smartwatches are getting

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Making a Difference with a Red Apple

In a bid to join the global war against AIDS, and recognise the more-than-a-decade long partnership between Apple and (RED), Apple has launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition, which are designed in a vibrant red aluminium finish. How was Apple even involved in this cause? According to Ms Deborah Dugan, the CEO of (RED),

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